Why is 9 men sng 2k NL Omaha HiLo taken off?

I see no 2k NL omaha Hilo 9 men table anymore. There is a 5k 6 men table for hilo is introduced which nobody will EVER play as hilo is very unpopular.

BAD DECISION. Change back to where it was. :facepunch:

Its back. Thanks for bringing 2k NL HiLo back. Its one of my favs. :+1::ok_hand:

Think u guys take it off after an event and make it appear again after a few hours … hmmm

@Xov do you still see it disappearing from time to time, or has it stuck this time?

Sometimes a recently finished tourney goes missing … for a few hours i guess…

Best you can do is refresh the page (F5), than the SnG is visible for you again, the new SnG should be online within 1 min after the previous has started.

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Happiness is right, a page refresh will always do the trick, although you shouldn’t have to refresh the page. If you see a delay in the new tournament appearing, can you mention it in this topic so we can investigate it. Ideally we’d want to know how long before the new tournament appeared, or whether it appeared at all WITHOUT a page refresh.

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ya the event that starts disappears i.e. no new tourney of the same format (like 9 men 5k NL holdem for example) becomes available right after the event and I’ve noticed it happens on a regular basis without exception. But yeah if I refresh it is coming back on.

Time is pretty long. I’ve seen it didnt come back for over an hour. Maybe it didnt appear at all without page refresh because I might have closed that tab and came back later in a new tab to find everything okay. I’d suggest an investigation cuz I think its not a temporary problem. It occurs on a regular basis.

You are one of the most ignorant players I and many others have encountered on this site. To see you taking a seemingly true interest on this subject is yet another insult to those of us who appreciate the diligence the replay team puts out for ALL players. Not just you crybabies. You are a disgrace to this site and us players who enjoy it. If you don’t like it, then don’t join in.

I’m helping out the mods here. What’s the objective of your post?

its appearing without having to refresh now :+1: