Why I lost this hand?

can someone explain to me how I lost this hand? I have no clue what happened, here is the screen shot and the link for the replay! you can see that I have a full house and he won with a flush! is there any rules for this kinda of tournaments that im not aware of?


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Since there is 4 cards in each hand, this would have to be Omaha. In Omaha you MUST use two cards from your hand with three cards off the board. You do not have a full house, just two pair. Flush wins the pot.


Omaha Rules :
(Seville is correct) All players must use 2 of thier 4 hole cards to form a legal hand.
Unlike Hold’em where a player can use 5 (the board), 4 (+1 from hand), or 3 (+ both hole cards) community cards… in Omaha you must use 2 of your cards and 3 community cards. Its the easiest mistake a new player to Omaha will make. You have to train your brain to use 2 of your cards always…


Sevillle is mostly correct. You must use 2 cards from your hand and 3 from the community cards. Your best hand was not 2 pairs though. Using JJ from your hand and J98 from community you had 3 Jacks which lost to his flush. If you watch the chat box on the bottom left of your screen it announces all hands shown at showdown and tells you which hand won and with what. Also if you go to the help section at the bottom of the dashboard page there are links to help explain the rules of each game.
Good Luck and Good Cards…


uhhh thanks guys, this was my first time playing with 4 cards, and i was surprised when i lost, thanks anyway

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In Omaha you can use only two hole cards and you had trip jacks. If you could use three of your hole cards you would have had a full house. It does get confusing in the heat of battle.


No worries, common case of newbie syndrome lol

Best of luck. Nice hand though :+1:t2:

He has three JJJ’s not two pair

thank U mamareza for the question. I too came 2 know something. ty all for the clarifications.

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There’s only one quasi-exception to the rule that two (and only two) hole cards must play. The rule is always in effect, but there’s a situation where it essentially doesn’t matter in terms of defining your hand: quads.

Let’s say the board comes down KKK27 and your hand is K23A. Here you’re holding the “case king”, giving you quad K’s!. Your winning hand would be KKKKA, with the A being your kicker (it’s the highest of the remaining cards in your hand). Yes, indeed, the rule of “two cards must play” remains in effect, but in the big scheme of things the ace kicker is essentially a formality needed to fulfill the rule.

The only time the quality of your kicker comes into play is if you are at a game where they offer high hand bonuses. Let’s say you’re at a casino where they offer high hand bonuses every hour. At 1 PM someone makes quad K’s with a 4 kicker (KKKK4). But then at 1:59 PM someone makes quad K’s with a Q kicker (KKKKQ). That person would win the high hand bonus.

To sum it up, there are two ways to make quads in Omaha:

• The board shows 3 of the same card and you’re holding the fourth one (the “case” card, which in this example is the “case king”)

• The board shows a pair (say, Kd Ks) and you’re holding the other two of those cards (Kh Kc).

You cannot make quads holding three-of-a-kind in your hand. If your hand is KKKJ and the board reads KJJ48, your hand is the nuts, KKKJJ, but not KKKKJ. That said, most of the time, a hand consisting of trips should be folded.

Typical replay.

I lost hand and had the same hand #344706709 this happens a lot

Hi lenuel

Your straight has to use the 5 and 8 from your hand, which means you only go to nine high with your five card hand, whereas your opponent gets to use the 10 from the board.

See Dealer Chat from the Replay:


Dealer: lenuel127 shows [ Kc 8d 5s Qc ] Straight, Five to Nine
Dealer: buckwheat1104 shows [ 3h 7c Qd 8s ] Straight, Six to Ten

Hope this helps,


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Actually he has trip Jacks