Why i don't win?

Hi, I don’t understand why I don’t win on this round? could someone explain me?

Hi MCrabe,
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Both of you had 2 pairs 3’s and 7’s
But Laoking66 had a “K” in his hand and you had a “2
Laoking66 he had the stronger kicker that is why he won the hand with K 33 77

Hope this answers your question, good luck at the tables!


Ok yeah i understand now thanks !

Actually your kicker is the 5 on the board. But his king still beats it. If the high card on the boards were an Ace you would have split the pot - both hands would have been the two pair with an ace kicker.

What’s the point of telling him his kicker is 5? That’s a board card. Makes no difference to the result. OP said he got it anyway.

V Meldrew

For educational purposes, same reason I gave another example, since he didn’t originally understand ranking of extremely similar hands.

I’m sorry but how is the 5 a useful description as a kicker if they are sharing it and they possess a higher second card? Whether it is technically a kicker doesn’t make it educational in the context if the previous answer he was given. I think that’s fairly obvious.

All that needed to be said was the best 5 card combo wins. In this case the best 5 cards were:
K 33 77

The 5 has nothing to do with it and is not really educational.

V Meldrew