Why does this show up

update adobe flash player

If you are seeing 'update adobe flash player ’ then I suggest you Update Adobe Flash Player !

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but now serious, i obviously don’t know your actual problem. but a few weeks ago i had the exact same problem when i got a new pc, even after downloading/upgrading flash it still said i needed flash (don’t know if this is your problem as well but it’s the best i can think off). but after some time i found something, try click the green lock next to your site bar when on replay poker (not forums). and search for flash from there and click allow (on my pc both reject and ask first didn’t work).

if this doesn’t work try clicking teh three dots (also next to your site bar, only this one is right instead of left). from here you search for flash as well and allow it.

the first option is for your settings on replaypoker, and the second option is for your settings of your pc.

hope this helps.