Why do you hafta reset the filters every time u come on this site?

I find it very irritating

I haven’t had to reset the filters once - just tried logging off and back on and everything stayed the same. The only problem I ever had like this is when I first joined, and updated my profile, it was reverting back to the old version a lot. I finally figured out that I had to actually sign in, rather than signing in with facebook, to keep my changes. I guess signing in with facebook brings you back to the wherever you were the first time you signed in that way. I hope this helps.

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I am finding it too. On the SnG lobby, the [x]- hide empty tables , continually needs to be re-check’d. Is the only one, but it will not stay checked.

Something I tried yesterday that is still working, Is I clicked the cog in upper right, then went to internet options, opened it, then, programs and in there I went to manage add ons, clicked it, then toolbars & extensions, found my Adobe flash and disabled it, then tried to open web page, of course it wouldn’t load and it tried to get me to reinstall adobe, then I re did all previous steps except I “enabled” Adobe instead of disabled, and now it is working fine again, except my table window opens about an inch lower & I have to move it back where I like it when opening a table. Hope this helps someone…

They made some update to the filters a couple of weeks ago and ever since I have had this problem as well. It’s not every time but most of the time (with no reason why sometimes my filter settings stay and some times they are cleared back to default apparent that I can tell - I often clear my browser’s cache but this doesn’t seem to be the cause). I sent a message to someone who made a thread in the News and Announcement forum about the filter updates, but their reply wasn’t helpful and I don’t expect anything to be done about it.

It’s obvious something they did when they changed the filters a couple of weeks ago caused this but it’s been over a week and nothing.

yes, dunno what they did but they screwed up…hope they will consider fixing whatever …

Hi y’all,

Whenever you change any of the dropdown menus in the Lobby you’ll need to click the “Update Filter” button. Once you’ve done that it should save that filter setting for you each time you bring up the Lobby page whether you’ve logged out or not as the setting is saved to your account on our servers.

We’ve received a few reports of this not saving for some people though and are currently investigating the problem. If you’re running into this, first to make sure we’re all following the same steps, please check out our Help Center article on Lobby filters here: https://help.replaypoker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001875233-Filtering-and-sorting-the-lobby-pages-

If after reading through that article, you’re still having issues with the settings not saving correctly, please send an email to our support team at support@replaypoker.com and include when the issue started for you as well as whether or not you signed in using Facebook so we can investigate further.


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