Why do soem people's chips have a little moving thing on them?

This guy at 9 oclock, why’s his chips got something different?

Fascinating. I never noticed this. Digital artifact?

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Oh no… I feel another conspiracy theory coming up here. :joy:

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I think the dealer put that there when mcgoron1969 left to use the restroom…

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Danke, ich lach mich weg

It is called a spinner. It is usually some kind of a marker or a dollar coin of their birth year. On the bottom, a little weld of metal is permanently affixed in the exact center of the spinner allowing it to spin when twisted in a circular motion between two fingers for a very long time. All professional players carry with them some kind of marker to place on the table next to their chips while they play. Sometimes you are seated to the left or right of the dealer while playing (suggestion: move to another seat as soon as possible). There is an unfortunate tendency for dealers to accidently pull these players live cards into the muck by mistake. House rules usually state that cards cannot be killed by mistake if the player places a marker on top of them for protection. If you lay your cards down and do not place a marker on them, (maybe you want just stretch), if you do not place a marker upon them and they go into the muck, it is “sorry Charlie”, they are dead, dead, dead.

Hahahahahaha, hahahahaha. Now that’s a conspiracy theory if I ever heard one relating to online video poker :joy: don’t forget to reach into your screen and remove it :wink: