Why do my points keep diapeering

Two days ago when i turned off my comp. I had over 330.000 points Yesterday when I connected to Play poker i only had 30 some thousand points. Not what i had the night before…Yesterday I bought 100.000 points I played a tournament that I won over 20 thousand tonight when I logged on I had 3408 points / whats up

Linda Barton

help me please

Hi LindaBarton

I sent it by email to the staff (support@replaypoker.com.) and asked to check the logs for you. Greetings Happiness.

I’ve checked your account and it appears you registered for the Dare It tournament here: http://www.replaypoker.com/mtt_details/index/166819 which has a 100K buy-in.

Do you recall registering for it? I checked out some hands from the tourney but it looks like you weren’t there playing. eg. http://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/79666395

no I did not register for that

Since you didn’t play, I’ve refunded the 100K registration fee. Keep an eye on the dashboard because if you accidentally register, which isn’t that difficult to do, it’ll show up in the My Games and Tournaments section.

what about the 300.000 that disappeared the day before the 1000.000

:slight_smile: All user responsible for they own account and what Tournament they sign up for and show up for it. Clearly, its no bug or glitch by RP side. They was kind inaf refund you, yet you comming back with other claim. You should mention all problem in one go.

Thanks would be nice first, after all.

With deepest regards.


Hi LindaBarton,

I checked your play chip history and the most you’ve had since Jan 19th is 110,908 chips. If you email us at support@replaypoker.com I can send you the complete history as a spreadsheet so you can take a look yourself, and perhaps we can figure out why there’s such a big discrepancy.

Best, Paul

I did