Why do I keep getting bad hands?

I have never played poker in casinos or on the web where the hands are so bad and where i have regrets raising my ante as i did playing this website what a bore it’s impossible getting this many bad hands. I would never recommend your website

Bravo !!

Ever thought considering it’s not always the “hands”, more like the one playing the hands?

leave hem alone :slight_smile:

I know its frustrating…you get a lot more bad hands than good ones…but the mark of a good player is one that knows how to use those bad cards or to fold.

Play like a willow tree in the wind grasshopper!

Don’t ya just love how you get attacked as a player for pointing out the obvious. Great job dude. What you didn’t know about all the replies are that they are from those “associated” special players whose specialness gets them all those “good” hands to go with your bad ones. You can tell by looking at the boards what’s really going on here.

of course you’d say that special dude !

??? so tell whats going on here reallly??

I can tell for sure: RP dont have any interest “make” good or bad players. Woud not make sense at all.

Its under a test by third party now ( I think in the past one month)

This third party test other pokersites to. So far so good.

RP do not have interest save some playchips. lol

ITS ALL A CONSPIRACY ACE… I mean grow up and quit crying over losing FREE chips… If u were a SPECIAL DUDE, U may play better. Go down to your local Wal-Mart go to the book aisle and purchase Poker 4 Dummies… On page 1 u will see ACE… Read it well and by the end of the book and plenty of practice maybe then u will be a SPECIAL DUDE, Like Marci said why the hell would Replay “RIG” hands and let people stockpile, once again I will say it FREE CHIPS? Their will be no gains at all on their end… If they were paying out $$$ and paying rakebacks that would be another issue… ACE just keep practicing, read your little book, get those voices out of your head and then u may be on your way becoming a SPECIAL DUDE,

Put it in the easy way for acemonger: 10 seated table , in average win should be 10:1 for you. So every 10th hand should be win by one person. If thet person dont play well poker then thets could be 30:1 easy. Im not a good player and my stats said I win 5:1 (18%) , but again : I play most on 6 seated rooms. ( what should be 6:1 winning for me)

Well put marcipan, but I prefer to think I’m special.

As long you think you special, I got better chance to win against you!

( It is help if you avoid play with me LOL )

Come and play MTT’s and quit hiding in medium stakes.

Unfortunately that’s the nature of poker, sometime you just get bad hands. It’s not a problem with our software, in fact we’re going through independent certification now to give our players absolute confidence in our poker platform and random number generator. We hope to announce in the next couple of weeks, we’ve successfully passed all the compliance labs stringent tests. Stay tuned!

" Paul Gould (Official Rep) 3 days ago As promised earlier in the year, we submitted extensive information about the ReplayPoker random number generator (RNG) to an independent organization called Gaming Associates, an Australian based testing company, who have tested leading real money poker sites like PKR.

We asked this trusted resource to perform an in-depth analysis of the randomness of the output of the RNG, and its implementation in the shuffling of the cards on ReplayPoker. They were given full access to the source code to confirm the randomness and security of our shuffle.

Their evaluation is now complete and I’m very pleased to announce we have successfully met ALL their requirements, thus confirming:

  • the RNG generated results are uniformly distributed and statistically independent; and - shuffled cards for poker card games are fair and not predictable

A copy of the official Evaluation Certificate can be found on Gaming Associates website here: http://www.gamingassociates.com/certi

We believe this makes ReplayPoker, the first and only play money poker site to be independently audited and guaranteed a fair game! "

silly site just saying free or not site is kinda dumb way same people win with no start hands and seem to win everytime on suck out would not happen in real live tables lmao

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled nothing dont know if it is the site are the players that play crap cards and win think it is the site the more i have played.

I find it funny how when some people don’t win as much as they think they should…or just cant deal with the fact that as sure as you play and win , you’ll play and lose…they come up with some shyster type conspiracy theory.look at the fundamental make up of this website/poker site and ask yourself…what would be the point…the money? I hardly think their making enough to really bother with, it’d be more hassle then its worth to set up software so that certain people win and certain people lose…get real! Oh yeah i did notice that just yesterday i was involved in a tournament with you (texaspete)and you played the better hand and knocked me out of it, and then went on to win it. Bet you wasn’t complaining about the cards you was being dealt then! There is no site where everyone wins all the time…otherwise what would be the point in playing.

You should look at your win ratio; afterall poker is a game of odds. If your win ratio is between 17-22%, it’s about average. Anyone looking for a ratio above 30% is expecting too much. If it’s below 15%, you should consider playing Crazy Eights.

Phil, the kindness in your response tells us alot about the real you.