Why do a million chips disappear?

For the second time in weeks ONE MULLION CHIPS dissaapeared from my account.

Is there some better way to complain about this broken site than posting here, ir asking support who never responds?


Hi CardWorker, I will personally speak with staff and get them to look in to this, and ask them to email you. Good luck at the tables… Doll :slight_smile:

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Support people absolutely will respond. I have had great answers and resolutions of problems. Make sure you are using the “get support” link.

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I agree MaineCats, If they don’t get back to you right away it is because they are investigating the situation. When I notified support they informed me they were working on it :slight_smile:

CardWorker, did this get resolved?

I have also had several million chips disappear from my account…does making bad calls and bets correlate to this in any manner? (There appears for be some sort of connection but i am unsure)


lol :joy: