Why didn't I win the whole pot?


The pot was $5726 and I only won $1970.

It’s NL Hold 'em.

Hi jabr,

There were two of you in the showdown, hankreb went all in with 4636 chips and you went all in with 980 chips. You won the hand and received 1970 chips - the correct percentage according to the amount staked. The remaining 3656 chips were returned to hankreb.

I hope this clarifies things.


“Correct percentage” seems a bit complicated. [;-)]
A player can not win more from another player than his stack.

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Thanks for explaining. I’m new to this and had no idea. I thought it was winner takes all. Of course, every time I go all in and lose, I lose every penny!

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That’s not necessarily true. You will only lose every penny if others bet an equal or greater amount to yours. If you bet 500 & somebody else bets 200 & you lose you will get 300 back.