Why did I lose this hand ?

Can anyone tell me why I lost this hand ? . Had FH on river (same as opponent) but lost it because only 3 of a kind was counted with high card . Am I missing something on Omaha ?


Hi @nicknacknu

In Omaha, a hand is made up strictly of 2 cards from your hand + 3 cards from the board.

Neither you nor your opponent had a full house in this hand, because you can’t use 4 cards from the board and 1 from your hand. it has to be the best 2 you have + the best 3 from the board.

In this case, the best 2 cards you had were A and 9 kicker (your best hand was AAA98), while your opponent had A and K kicker (his best hand was AAAK8) and that’s why he won with 3 of a kind and a higher kicker.


In Omaha, you have to use exactly 2 of your hole cards.

Your best hand there is… AAA98
Your opponent had… AAAK8

Replay has a nice article on the game HERE

Edited to add: Maya types slightly faster than me!


Also, be aware that in Omaha hi/lo games you can lose many chips even when you have the best hand. I’ve learned it’s called being “quartered”, and it’ll happen when you are confident of your best hand because you’re likely to bet big. I lost a lot of chips before I figured it out. I no longer play hi/lo games - there’s enough to keep an eye on already, I don’t want to wonder whether a player with a nothing hand is gonna take half my stack.

Ok thanks for explanation guys - I obviously hadn’t quite got the rules right (I usually stick with Texas Holdem’)

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