Why can't you just make the tables built in the page instead of using the awefull pop ups

your site could do much better with much more players if you… -use built in pages instead of pop ups… -allow facebook,social media, users…!! -congrates…great site…!!

Hi mummy,

Thanks for the feedback. There are a couple of reasons, both technical and UX related, that we do not run the game tables in the main browser window. There are currently no plans to change the way this works.

We do allow people to sign up using Facebook – do you mean that you would like to have the game integrated with Facebook like Zynga? Or do you mean something else?

Cheers, Lesley

exactly… i’ll give you an example you may use…here is a link…watch the holdém tournments…https://www.yazino.com/texasHoldem

thnx for reply…