Why can't we access the bank tab?

Seems the bank tab takes you to BUY CHIPS. What’s going on?


Hi phpilangkose2, welcome to the forum.
If you wish to access your Bank account from the Dashboard or Lobby, just click on the Green Rosette.

Hope this is what you are looking for.,


Okay. Thanks. I’ll do it that way from now on, I guess.

i cant see my tickets anymore… wel only in total.


Scroll down the page and you will see your Account details, chips, tickets, etc. They’ve just overloaded the top of the page with the Buy Chips offers.

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Click on your profile photo on the main website, click on Bank, scroll down and you will see your Tickets there at the bottom of the Statistics section.

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sure that was b4…
this is whole bankpage of mine


That way you can see your overall numbers, but the (weekly/monthly) profit/loss stats, and detailed transaction history, data are gone.



That’s strange, mine doesn’t look anything like that.


chrome versie


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I used to able to click on bank and see how many chips and tickets I have. All I get now are chip sales deals. How or where do I find what is really in my bank?

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Can’t find my tickets, either. Maybe I have to have a phone to do that.

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Hi Webfoot and U238
You can still do that, click on ‘bank’ a page opens, scroll down a little, you will see your ‘Account’, when you scroll down a little more you will see ‘Statistics’ with the info as you can see in BeerEagle69’s screenshot

Hope this info helps.

did you see my bankpage LOL scroll up!

some ppl have statistics tab some not (like me)

I did see your page and sorry don’t understand why you have that, what I can suggest is to contact support@replaypoker.com, they will look into it and contact you.

I can’t understand it either, I use Chrome too and it’s completely different for some reason.

got the same as VZo

*language set to english

I don’t see stats and history either, seems to disappear for people who recently cleared cache and cookies. The “Bank” link on the Profile menu redirects to the “Get chips” page, and when I use the “old” Bank link (https://www.replaypoker.com/bank/) I get a 404: