Why cant i purchase chips or earn them through superrewards?

when i go to get chips i cant buy or earn chips. i can loan but thats it. it says that no offers are available. i ve done probably only a few of them but i cant buy them eithr. did i get banned from the offers for supplying a false phone number? ive asked this question alot and no one knows. plz help

It sounds like SuperRewards restricted your access. If you supplied false information then they probably are within their rights to do so. I can only suggest you click the help button on the buy now page, then log a support ticket with them via your most recent offer/purchase and explain you no longer have a way to buy/earn chips. Perhaps they can reinstate you, I guess it depends on the nature of the false information you gave.

hi paul. ive tried that and they didnt tell me anything all they said is i was already awardd points for that offer. im talking to a machine, not a person cuz i said that i have my problem and a machine replied. i cant purchase eithr not that i would but i cant. only false info i can think of is my phone got shut off, so the phone number is no good. suprrewards has no support page and is honestly a joke. with all the problems ppl have and their lack of consumer support is terrible. they wont answer me, i dont know what to do.

We’ll try and approach SuperRewards directly for you to see what they say.

Calmly send them a note saying that you did not get your “Favor Points”. I think there:


or help questionmark on “get chips” page

i tried that a million times to no avail. when u do that u talk to a robot not a person. if i am banned it is because my phone got shut off and they could view that as false info. but it is a misunderstanding. i did not intentially supply false info. my phone wasnt shut off at the time. but even if i did get banned for that i should still be able to purchase chips. not that i need to but i still cant. ty paul for your time. i know u r a busy man and i appreciate it…

Hey Ziggy - It should be fixed for you now. Let me know if you run into any other issues.

Paul…I am having the same problem and I have excellent credit…what is going on with the purchase of chips?

I’ve sent you an email Justplayin.

I can’t buy chips… and I can’t access my settings. I can’t even access the message function… so I am here. I bought chips Dec. 12th and used my debit card.

What’s up.



Try check with your bank. May they refused to pay.

The money withdrawn? Is the message function on super rewards? After this, please send email to support@replaypoker.com

Helping 4Bliss already via email.