Why can I never win a hand?

This is very odd and makes no sense to me at all. I can be at a table for a long time and win no hands because the cards that are dealt gives me NOTHING…and it happens a lot…a whole lot…and I don’t get it. Is this supposed to happen? I really do think this game is rigged…

When you have played 100 hands in a row, how many hands you expect to win?

Lol, what a question Happiness.

He’s stating his frustrations and you come back and undermine his intelligence.

If you are at a table and you see time and again the same players winning and you get very few, if any, opportunity to even be in the hand, it surely leads to frustration and eventually suspicion.

Yes, there will be bad/good win streaks, that happens all the time but to say that is the way it goes is ridiculous.

Law of averages is going to eventually find you.

Too often on this site you can consistently go on long stretches of bad hands; I’m talking about hands you can’t even get out of the gate with.

This happens to everyone, I suppose, but It’s not realistic.

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Good poker players voluntarily put money in the pot between 15-20% of the time (in full ring). That means that across 100 hands you might see 15 flops and win 5 hands. Basically, almost every hand is a losing hand, and it takes a lot of patience to play good poker. “Fold and live to fold again” – Stu Unger.

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