Why buy chips when this happens all the time

have thought a few times about buying chips to support this good site and get a bit higher up the ladder, then i see players saying dont bother cause everyones chipdumping anyways, this is one of many hands being passed around between players at the moment to show this :frowning:

hand #78672014

whats the point me spending $75 when others getting a million for free, if nothing is done about this im gone


you haven’t seen nothing yet.

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That one mill will be taken. Im sure.

Hi frobozz,
Thanks for bringing this to our attention and we will review, then will deal with it accordingly.

Replay wants to keep the site as a fun and fair environment and we are actively addressing the mentality of ‘helping’ out friends with a few chips when they run low. It is a definite turn off for players when you see that the opponents you are playing against are getting free reloads but you have to start from scratch again after a loss.

I can assure you we make constant checks on big wins and losses of Chips and sadly we do sometimes have to confiscate chips when we can see that someone is abusing the system.

Questions like this are good to see because it raises awareness that chip dumping IS unfair on fellow players who want to use chips counts as a realistic way of ‘keeping score’.

Robert Bostock
Head of Security & Collusion


how can a chip count be a realistic view of how good a player is when some people just buy them?


I don’t think a Chip count on a particular day is a good indication, but if a player has a certain amount one day and then progressively more at later dates, they are more likely to be better than the player who has a Chip count which fluctuates quite a bit.
There are always going to be some players who try to make themselves look more skilled by buying Chips and pretending they won, or replacing lost Chips after a loss to make it look like they rarely lose. Its got to be a better indicator though, if everyone’s Chip balance is just Chips which are either purchased or won fairly, rather than having Chips which someone else won from other players and dumped to them.

do you think its free so the ones that buy are going to win

No offence to anyone, but really…? Personally, I think if you have millions and millions of chips, whether you purchased them or won them, who really cares what you do with them.? So lets just say, I purchase chips all the time, yet instead of “dumping” them off to someone, I Purchase 1 million chips for that persons account… Its the same thing… That person now will have the upper hand on you because of their chip count, Right.? So is it less annoying to people if the chips are purchased for someone, appose to give to them.? It makes no sense… Why is it ok for someone to Purchase chips and give them away, but its a problem if you win, and give them away… And lastly, if I looked up the correct hand being used as “evidence” lol that hand is from Jan 2014, I mean really.?? its almost 2016 come on, that’s kinda outdated don’t you think.? But whatever, lol, just thought I’d voice my opinion too… I’m sure this wont make me #1 on anyone’s buddy list but I can live with that… Its the pettiness that really gets to me…

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No, not same. Not even close to it.
Chipdump ruin the game for all. I can assure you, lots of pp care.
Chips economy same as real life economy. Also, real life offense same, even 20 year old case re opened.

Hi WreckLezz, Yeah, that hand is a bit ancient history and nothing much can be done about the Chips now.
We try not to be too petty about these things, if Friends want to share a few thousand Chips amongst themselves to keep playing until they get tomorrows Daily Bonus then (unofficially) that’s not a big issue as long as its not every single day. I agree about a player having the right to do what they like with the Chips, but only in so far as as what poker games they play with them.
Play Chips are different from Real Cash, so while they are ‘yours’ they are basically a Score, rather than something you can spend or Cash Out. You don’t see Real Cash players suddenly gift a Friend a few bucks from their Bankroll. I find players don’t dump Chips they bought (Players can send them directly to Friends as soon as they buy them now), they dump them once they have won some unexpectedly or the Friend has suddenly gone short.
If you were to purchase Chips from time to time and found the players you regularly played against were ‘helping each other out’ when they got low, effectively taking you on for free, how would that make you feel? I personally think that wouldn’t be very fair on you, plus the fact you would also begin to wonder whether they were actually up to something while you were all playing together too, right?
I think Play Chips are a way of keeping count, like Levels, Gold or Trophies on other online games. I know you are not often allowed to give away Levels, Experience Points, Gold etc you win / earn on other games. New players have to earn them through play / quests or give themselves a boost by purchasing stuff,
Sorry for the wall of text, but I think that’s answered your question, The Original poster of this question is obviously worried about it, and he is not the only one, Im sure. Rob

LMAO… please chill out, its not a Cold Case File lol you said, 20year case hahahaha now that was funny… thanks for the laugh… se’ya round…

Well, I guess, the way you explained it back to me, I guess there are players who put lots of time into the hands and tourneys to amount to higher levels and what not… So yeah, for some more than others maybe it isn’t fair… I wont be so closed minded, we all have different views and everyone counts… Thanks for taking the time to kinda give it to me from a different angle… NO CHIP DUMPING .!! it kinda really isn’t fair… lol take care, have fun, meet y’all at the tables…

The problem lies in the way we are ranked. It should be like a Batting averaged based on Wins and where you rank when you go out in a tourney. It should be based on how often you get points and where you finish on an average.The size of one’s Bank account in no way should reflect the level or rank one is on a Poker Table.

Ranking will get upgrade soon.

As marcipan says, we’re planning to upgrade the way we rank players. The current system is simple but far from perfect, given the fact bonuses can be easily collected and chip packages bought. In the future we plan to calculate a ‘real’ ranking based on your poker performance at the tables, and compared to the ranking of players you play against. So if you perform great against tough opponents versus weak ones, that will be reflected in changes to your ranking. This will be part of a package of upgrades all related to your statistics as a player. There’s a lot of complicated maths involved, and masses of data to analysis. Hence this isn’t a trivial update, and hence not something readily available on our poker sites. But we’re committed to going the extra mile and digging into all that lovely data to hopefully help you improve as a player. Expect the first harvest of data some time in 2016! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Shouldn’t be too complicated… You could program a “weighted mean” of number of games played and win/loss ratio. It would have to be “tweaked” for a time until it’s a good reflection of skill level. The first tweak I can think of would be time periods: past 6 months, 3 months etc. until it is a decent reflection of a given players skill.

Just a thought.

Not true.
First, need a resourse for make the calculations. In mind, not to interupt game play/server.
Second, need a program, what need to be written and embed in to the website program itsel, what will couse bugs ofc, so need test, try all possible scenarios. then beta then alfa…
If that not enough, need to do something else as well. Prioriy …

what is the current system? was it upgraded? from what?

Seems like if I move up in stakes I get the most poor to marginal hands dealt to me, holding straight draws to flush boards or constantly middle paired or under paired counterfeit crap flop big cards board runs small, very noticeable and if all
else fails watch runner, runner cards sink me for big pot jokes. Limp around over betting their hand and under betting never have that problem in a low stake room plenty o chips what’s up with that aye? just a couple buy ins at a higher stake game cost me my bankroll every time. When will those cards come back for me. 2 or 3 buy ins at a live game is plenty but not here.

“I have a proposal. Why don’t you make the transfer of chips an official option? That would avoid players to find other “methods”, which obviously affect the fairness of every game.
I have played here since October, and I have earned almost $ 2,000,000. Frankly, I don’t know what to do with them! LOL It is a pity I can’t invite friends who have less to a specific tournament or to ring games, just for the fun of playing with them.
It’s like inviting a friend for a drink or to a restaurant. It’s not because they can’t afford their own drinks or food, but just as a nice gesture and for the pleasure of their company.”