Why are there suck outs all the time

hello I am fleeter i would like to hear other peoples views on this subject to me i think this site rewards the worst players like to night i played for 4 hours and had at least 6 bad suck out 1 example had pocket 44 flop j 10 4 all off suit bet one caller then the turn 10 i went all in player calls with k10 what comes a king and please mr replay need not reply with this site has a great random card generator don’t need to here it thank you fleeter

fleeter i feel your pain :rage:
here is a hand that happen to me last night
Hand #149072751 · Replay Poker :open_mouth:

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not kicking people in the head—So many people blame poker sites for there down falls. In real table games you will see s-outs all the time it’s the nature of the game! Remember this: hold’em is a people game! Enjoy the people and you will find it most rewarding win or not ! STAY THIRSTY MY FRIEND


Good answers.

lol couldn’t have said it better myself

Hey Fleeter. This is Gueronumtwo ( Guero 2) my fav # is 2…
That happens just as often during live play. lost at the casino (real money) just as often. just gotta roll with it. if you can keep playing and winning it only becomes a speed bump. your true talent will still shine thru. i dont sweat it anymore. actually it makes it more challenging for me. adds a bit more excitement. stay strong.

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AA vs 27off will lose 1 in 9 times.

It’s all 'bout that math, 'bout that math, no trouble.
It’s all 'bout that math, 'bout that math, no trouble.


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Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had it done to me in live tourneys. It happens ALL the time and it’s part of the game’s risks. That’s why it’s gambling…if it was a sure thing it would be called investing.

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Some days we get the bear but remember one day the bear will get you!!! Per example right now am on my longest losing streak ever & mainly am getting beat by what you call suckouts?? My opinion is that there will always be bad beats both on computer poker & live poker. I think the reason you see so many on line bad beats is caused by the number of players who chase-chase chase where in real poker you will seldom see more than 2 players still in after the flop but on line you might see 4 or even 5 sticking it out all the way to seeing the river!!! mainly looking for that 1 card?? Not a wise thing to do but that is only my opinion. Me i like to see the flop but seldom chase?? everyone to there own i guess?? Desperado 60

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Thats nothing, I was playing on a medium stakes table and there was a rock who must’ve folded 8 times in a row pre-flop.Then comes a hand where 5 players throw out big bets and I myself sat smugly with my pocket kowboys. So pre-flop and utg the rock calls a huge bet because he slyly has aquired the highly coveted 5-2 offsuit! Maybe not the worst starting hand but certainly trash by any means. Rock goes all-in. So wanna guess what the flop was? 5-5-2 of course spikes the boat and takes down the humungous pot!
coincidence? methinks not

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@BigSlick666 we don’t really know the reasons players call with such hands. maybe player was tired of folding 8 times in a row, or maybe 2,5 is their favorite hand to play.
I have also wondered why players call with who knows what like 2,5 but they fold the next hand and wonder why they fold a hand after playing 2,5 or 2 7 etc.

its frustrating because you know in a real game real money on the line no way do they make such plays and calls and they would fold such cards in a heartbeat in a real game

all right I am back with more replay poker reward the idiot program. hand starts out I have 99 guy raises another re raises I ship they both call one has7 2 off suit other has 6 4 I should win this flip 66% of the time the flop comes jka now I am a 82% to win turn is a king 97% then river jack to put two pair ace high chop pot. This is not even the hand I am most pissed about the next hand I am big blind k5 of hearts mine raised by the guy who had 72 the previous hand flop comes 2a2 with two heart checks around turn 8 of heart I bet 550 guy who raied pre ships I call hes got 72 once again and river the 7 no way and I knew it was coming thanks replay for the great game play the odds of winning with 72 two hand in a row is about 5500 to 1

Suck outs happen because luck is a part of this game. The skill required to play the game well can be learned fairly quickly if you’re focused and look for the knowledge. Managing the the luck is far more subtle and difficult to learn, for long term success at the tables.
I stole and paraphrased the above so do NOT quote me….LOL.

If you are not aggressive with AA (or any other premium starting hand) pre-flop to thin the herd - you deserve to get sucked out on….
most of the time :wink:

very well said,

Didn’t read all the thread replies, but my experience -

I’m not a tight player, I steal my fair share of pots, but especially in SnG Heads up games, I get into a lot of all in’s pre flop, and for the past 3 days I think I’ve been a dog once, but literally haven’t won a single one. Also, it’s not just two outers on the river, which happen way too often, and it’s not just me that notices it, plenty of others see it too, but let’s say I shove with 3BB or so left with KJs, I’ll be up against something QTo or less, and then they hit a full house or a big two pair. It’s not just that they hit a pair, no, they hit monster hands. I see a lot of people saying, well, it’s poker, it’s gambling, luck is involved… but go to the WSOP and I guarantee you won’t see 2 outers on the river every couple of minutes. It just doesn’t happen.

xevenofhearts - One very important thing you are not taking into account in your assumption(s)……
The shear number of hands you can play per hour on Replay vs. a Live Table is like 100 maybe even 200 fold (maybe more?) .
For instance I have been a member since Feb. 2015 (6 months here real close) I have played exactly - 44,127 hands.
This must be accounted for in your math.
And 2 pair will win around 55% or so of all pots…in Hold-em.


I believe if we all played perfect percentage play, we’d see a remarkable amount of hands going the opposite way. That’s definitely how it’s been for me, despite me definitely not playing completely on the math of my hand.

Human nature will not allow that to happen - LOL