Why are RP raking play chips like real cash games?

Why are RP raking play chips like real cash games?

I understand fully why RP takes a rake. I thank RP for being here for us to play!

I also want to thank Reply Poker owners for this site.

" Rakes & Tournament Fees

If you’ve ever played real money poker online or in the casinos you’ll already be familiar with these terms. It’s how these rooms pay their bills. They charge something called a ‘rake’, from the winning pot in ring games, and an entry fee for tournaments. Starting today we’ll be doing just the same, but with play chips rather than real money. Why, we hear you cry? Well even though we’re only a play money poker site it’s useful in two ways:

Firstly, it helps to balance our books. We’re currently giving away lots of free chips; for example - to each new player, top-ups to existing players, award bonuses, freeroll prizes, the new daily bonus and so forth, you get the idea! This sounds great, BUT conjuring up free money out of nowhere has it’s downside, just as it would in a real economy, it’s called ‘inflation’ and it means that the value of play chips doesn’t stay constant, but falls over time. Nobody likes the money in their wallet worth less today than it was yesterday. So by introducing these fees, it means that we can truly afford to give away these freebies.

Secondly, while we understand many of our players love playing poker just for fun, a lot of our players eventually want to try their hand at real money poker. That’s why it’s important for us to offer a truly realistic poker experience. Money management is a BIG part of becoming a successful poker player and that’s why as a poker player you need to be factoring in the cost of the poker room’s fees. "