Why am I constantly being folded out when I am trying to place a bet on winning hands?

This happens to me a lot and seams a bit strange seeing that i dont have the same trouble on losing hands… Bit suspicious I think. I would not like to be playing for real money on this site if this is an example of what can happen.

Do you have the hand ids? It will help us investigate. We have some confirmed reports of hands folded without the player folding, so it sounds like the same thing. It doesn’t discriminate between good or bad hands. It’s a bug we’re obviously very keen to fix, it seems to only happen at random to a few players. As soon as we finish working on improving the slow down at the beginning of tournaments we’ll move on to fixing this bug. The sooner the better.

Yes I do have the hand ID’s which I have also included in my previous corespondence with you. Here are a few of the most recent ones from the last few days.

75098097 75102999 75170587 75190559 75191268 75359655 73361002 These are just a few of the many either winning hands that have folded when I am trying to bet at the river or showdown or potential hands that I have been folded out when trying to raise before the flop.

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Thanks amazing234 - that’s going to help us.

so I am not the only one having this problem when are you going to fix ,so it is fair

what no answer