Who's Who?

Wondering who you’re chatting with in these forums? Here’s a handy guide to Who’s Who on Replay staff!

@MrReplay - A man who needs no introduction, really, but I’ll give him one anyway. :wink: MrReplay is Paul, Replay Poker’s CEO. He’s been running the place since 2010 and is incredibly passionate about the player base, so you’ll see him pop into discussions whenever he can.

@Shakeraise - This is our COO, Thibault! Thibault’s got quite a bit of experience in poker, both online and off, professional and recreational. Heading up our operations, he’s always interested in player feedback, particularly when it comes to product improvements, and will frequently seek out your thoughts when thinking of making any poker room adjustments.

@fizzymint - Hey, that’s me! I’m Ash, Replay’s Community Manager. I run all Community-based strategy, initiatives (such as the newsletter and blog), handle our social media, assist in support, and back up our Community team in general. If you have suggestions or feedback, I ensure the right team hears about it and takes it into consideration. Basically, if it relates to the community, I probably help out there somewhere!

@rachalse - This is Sarah, our go-to know-it-all for player issues. If you’ve submitted a ticket, you’ve probably had a chat with her! She pops in and helps out in discussions that relate to player issues. She also writes some of the best puns in our monthly newsletter.

@Pageaux - Leading our volunteers is none other than Patrick! If you have any questions or issues about volunteering, Patrick will happily help you out. He’s also assisting over in support, so like Sarah, he can assist with questions about the site.

@Chasetheriver - Rob is our Poker Operations Manager and our resident poker expert and rules buff. This guy knows the ins and outs of every hand, and he’s got plenty of ideas up his sleeve when it comes to improving the site. He’ll typically chime in when he sees a suggestion we should put in the works, or when he sees a good, meaty discussion in the Poker Strategy category.

@GoldenDonkey - Heading up our Global Promotions is Jonny! He pops into the forums with a clever quip or story, but also for some great insight into the game. Like Rob, he has extensive knowledge about each of our poker formats, having both worked and played professionally in the industry. He’s also a streamer over on Twitch!

These are most of the folks you’ll see currently posting in the forums, and you can take a peek at our About Us to see everyone else on staff. :smiley:


Thanks Fizzy for the info !