Who will YOU support this year? Replay Team Championships

HI to all the lovely Replay Players please come and take the time to come and support the Finalists in the RTC Replay Promotion - Its been such an amazing ride for all

Its now down to 6 teams of 3 on 3 tables - the scoring is if you finish 1st you get 6 pts and 2nd 5pts and so on - so this is really a team effort all 3 players in the team score

Below are the links for the Grand Final - Pick your favorite players or team and get involved in the fun and excitement




And if you have not been part of the RTC this year please get in there in 2022 you will not regret it

Tiggs xx


3 tables of 6 players I think you meant to say - gl

Six teams of 3, playing on 3 different tables. Made sense to me, but I am fluent in Tiggynese.


yes - its the 3 on 3 that got me - lol

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haha that has proper made my day - I dont think I just type - at work and my friends call it Lynnglish :slight_smile: I gave up trying and people now get it. In My head it makes sense :slight_smile:


6 teams of 3 people and we play on 3 tables or do we have more teams ands more players in each teams and is there more than 3 tables - haha now i am confusing myself :slight_smile:

@snitty am only kidding


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Even if I wasn’t part of team Surprise - they would be my favorite for a number of reasons - we are like the Rodney Dangerfield of this RTC - we got no RESPECT - from the outset certain teams you knew would go far - Team Surprise - written off by many - well made it to the quarters - then came the unthinkable - had to play that tourney with only 2 players - instead of rolling over and throwing our chips in - we made it to the semis and now to the finals - its been a great tourney with some great poker and players and Team Surprise has earned the respect from some great players - of course I want to win - BUT - mission accomplished already - to win would just be like adding more whip cream to the Sundae - gl to all - it has been nerve wracking and fun - stay safe and well.


for Lady and the Tramps we have been together for 3 years never got past the quarters nobody thought we could get this far - and we did :slight_smile: so win loose or draw its been an amazing ride. Great players, fun and beats Netflix all day long … Tips hat to all teams and Replay xx


Sorry tiggy - but from the outset I had your team making the semis - minimum-

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I’m cheering for the Crazy Canucks! Oh wait, they didn’t even make it out of the first round…never mind. I guess I will cheer for Team Surprise, since they have a good story and a fellow Canadian.