Who is watching who?

if you women do not wish to be watched then you should not dress so provocatively…

Me thinks you are being paranoid. If someone wanted a “Cone-of-Silence” to talk secretively to another player they would go to an empty table in the ring games; unless they were as bright as Get Smart and then they would use social media.

Such means of communication are much more valuable to some than most people seem to think. I guess it doesn’t really matter to me if other people’s websites are used for things they were never intended for, or if folks who for whatever reason can’t think of reasons to do something reflexively conclude that it must not be possible or no one is doing it.

I only brought it up because I’ve been a mod at various forums for decades and have seen PM systems and even open forum comments used in the manner I described. There’s a difference between being anonymous online and having plausibly-deniable communications, which forums like this facilitate because of the existence of mods and admins who can edit or delete your posts (meaning you can plausibly deny making a given post because others had access to your account, making it nearly impossible to prove conclusively that you wrote it).

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seriously guys,all of this blah blah blah over spectators? You all take the fun out of the game. Let us just sit relax and enjoy ourselves (or stannd in the attic) They are just observing the play not stalking anyone…replay doesn’t give out addresses or phone # lol

Agent Longhair,
Abort! Abort!
Operation Poker Spectator has been compromised!
Emergency rendezvous tomorrow at noon at Jason’s Deli on Magnolia Street in Macon, Georgia. I will be the fat guy in the Auburn Tigers hat sticking his tongue in your left ear. Blink twice if I have the right person.

papa lima echo alpha sierra echo
whiskey alpha sierra hotel
echo alpha romeo sierra

Do not bring cat




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lmao :joy::joy:

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Lima Oscar Lima…

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Igorance is bliss, and oddly smug.




The secret is revealed :shushing_face:


dit did da dit da

It would be nice to know who is spectating …

So would I. It’s poor etiquette not to show that.

Who cares

Is it going to improve your game?

I don’t care who is watching… I watch sometimes without saying a word ( hard to believe , eh ) out of curiosity to see how certain play …


I learned it from watching you!


kickin it