Who Has Kept You Sane?

Time for a tribute!

Assuming you are still sane, who (or what?) do you give credit to for helping you survive the times? I am giving a tip o’ my hat to my hobbies, poker and knitting, and to my next door neighbor who brought her Wyoming-born-and-bred stability of temperament to our wacky California ocean-side community.

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I tip my hat to my Dad who is not just my Dad he is my Best Friend… He makes me laugh out loud, keeps me grounded, keeps me strong, every day when i get of the phone to him I feel i can get through anything that comes my way and always with a smile :slight_smile:

And I tip my hat to @Goatsoup who not only has kept me sane with my ups and downs of poker and the past drama I had - he has become a true friend in the outside world… priceless xx

And the BIG ONE… A very large Gin and Tonic - (Mr G+T thanks for keeping me sane or insane depending how you look at it )

Tiggs xx



I’ve opted to go with the silly side of Rage!


Largely, the other players right here at RP.


I credit the voices in my head for keeping me sane. The voices are a pretty stable lot, except for Zorac, who is quite insane, but occasionally suggests fun things to do.


My 6 year old grandson Ryan for sure ! No matter what kind of day I’m having, when my iPhone lights up and he’s FaceTiming me with some awesome stories of superhero’s or the whole storyline of some show he watched, just seeing the innocence in his face and enthusiasm in the way he talks let’s me know everything is great in his world and for that moment of time everything is ok in mine. :heart:


I guess it depends on your definition of sane. I once was took a bet from a very angry father that my 'love of protecting animals" could be bought off. He and his young daughter, who was refusing to eat meat after my slaughter house field trip for some children, showed up at a shelter fundraiser I was sponsoring. He boldly wrote out a 100K cheque and said it was mine if I would swallow a piece of raw meat he was holding up. I asked him if he meant it, and he said yes. So I proceeded to bite off the end of his finger. Blood flying everywhere, fingertip in my mouth, I decided to be nice and spat it out for him, but only after the cheque was firmly in my other hand. Probably one of the sanest things I ever did!!!


Double hearts for this, Craig! What a great grandfather you are, I’m sure.

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Hi Jan ! Thank you for the awesome compliment ! After going thru so much in my life and the loss of 2 children he keeps me going, keeps my PTSD in check and keeps me sane for sure. As much as I give him I receive in love 10 fold. Great topic you came up with. I never share things like this. Guess I needed it. Stay safe and happy in this new normal world.

Your friend Craig :heart:


:heart_eyes: :hugs: :heart:


my neighbors across the street, one is a psycho 70 yr old female, a 40 years old OCD hypochondriac, and a lazy 24 year old kid. Tons of drama everyday, shouting, throwing things,calling each other names. Plus as an added bonus one of them calls the cops about one another one of them at least once a week!..Its like a reality tv show everyday!.

Oh, and my dog


Jan, I think it is time to do u justice and honor in that there are times on the league game where I woiuld go bonkers for various reasons and between you and Sharon…I feel validated that my moment of insanity is probably justified (or u make believe it might be, lol). So, IN THE WORLD OF REPLAY, you and Sharon keep me a bit more sane by listening…


Hahaha! I have met people like this (not to mention relatives! lol). Thanks for posting on the Forum. Hope you post again!


High 5 brother

Easy - The True Poker players of the world and the echoes on the WEB of LIFE. Without them - my screams at the idiotic, moronic, stupidity of Humanity would blow this planet to smithereens.

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What keeps me feeling sane hmmmm that’s hard to explain, honesty, its the life threatening disease I have that modern medicine helps me to overcome, I just turned 40 yesterday even though my docs all thought I wouldn’t make it past 28 and believe me when I say that everything in life gets put into perspective once you realize nature would rather you were dead and that you would be, if you weren’t born in this era. My thoughts on this world we all exist in are that politics, fashion, fads, cancel culture, relationships, past relationships, the future, the past, people arguing over trivial random bs and being offended just … because, in the short term it means very little and in the longer term it means absolutely nothing at all, to me (and you) everyday is a blessing, one more extra that you weren’t necessarily supposed to see (no matter what your age is), the universe owes you nothing! and if you truly understand this fact it makes you glad to see the sunrise just that one more remarkable time, that thought is what really keeps me feeling sane.


BRAVO, St33lo. BRAVO! Well said. Here’s wishing you many more days, weeks, months, and years ahead of you.


Tears of Joy beauty…I could not have done what I have done without my sunrise - one I saw just in a smile. <3

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You make me smile - you have No idea how wonderful you were for me Pup, you kept me focused on the game at play. Irish Red - hilarious, the Wolfman…all of you were OUTSTANDING PLAYERS. <3

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