Who gets paid

when three people go all in two are knocked out how do they determine who comes in 2nd and gets paid and who comes in third and gets nothing in a sit and go game

Hi Jmon

If you have the smallest stack and you do not win you become 3th

Easier to see that with an example (found this one on the web) There are three players with stacks as follows:

Player A: 10 Player B: 50 Player C: 200

All players move all in. Let’s start with the smallest stack and create the main pot. Player A has 10 and matches 10 each of the other players bets. A main pot of 30 is created. This is the money that player A can win.

The remaining chips of player B are then matched to the bet of player C. Player B has 40 left, so we take 40 from player C and make a side pot of 80.

When all matching is done, player C still has 150 left in his bet. This money is returned to player C immediately, and then the remaining cards are dealt and the showdown is performed.

The following pots are contested: Main pot: 30, contested by A, B and C. Side pot: 80, contested by B and C.

Now if player A has the best hand, he wins the 30 main pot. Then players B and C compare their hands to see who wins the 80 side pot.

If, on the other hand, player B or C has the best hand, this player wins both the main pot and the side pot

Greetings Happiness.