Who finishes where

in MTT game and 2 players at 2 different tables go out at the same time.How is it decided what position each player finished in.Thanks for any help.

I think whoever had the biggest stack at the start of the hand gets the better position.

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By who started the hand with fewer chips. The person who started with the least chips will have the worse finishing position. At least this is how it goes on other sites I’ve played on.

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You’ll never have two tables finish a hand at the exact same time. There will always be a minor difference in timestamps as to when the server processes the completion of each table’s hands, even if that difference is measured in microseconds.

@SunPowerGuru and @Comicguy are correct for hands that occur at the same table, but when two different tables are in play, you’ll never have complete synchronicity.


Thanks to everyone that replied

Actually, I think you can, at least in the processor. If the hands are running in different threads on different cores, they can happen at the same exact clock cycle. It’s not likely, since they are probably running 3, 4, or more billion operations per second, but it could happen.

I have no idea what would happen after that. Would the IO or router put one first? Would both packets go out at the same time or one after the other? Would there be a record of which one went first? I dunno.


You’re entirely correct. I’m too old-school in my coding - not used to thinking about multi-core processing. shrug