Who do you find more irritating?

People who complain that Replay’s random number generator is fixed or the people who complain about other players who (In their opinion) are playing “bingo” poker?

Unless they can be a little humorous about their complaint, I pretty much find them both tedious…


So this blonde walks into a RNG, rubs her head and says, “ouch!” She thinks she broke it, so she goes across the street to play bingo.

She walks into the bingo parlor, rubs her head and says, “ouch!” Someone tells her that she should watch where she’s going so she doesn’t keep walking into things, and that it would probably be safer if she played online.

She’s been playing on Replay ever since, irritating everyone with her stories about broken RNGs and her bingo play.


The most irritating though are those who complain about people who complain about the RNG and the bingo play.


Should the title be, “Whom do…?”


It’s not really irritating to me, it’s just pointless. “I don’t have any evidence, but my blah blah got rivered by a yadda yadda, so the RNG is unfair.” What is that sort of thing supposed to accomplish?

Are the devs going to say, “We seem to be suffering from the dreaded Y2 Blah Blah Yadda Yadda Bug! We better devote all of our resources to finding a fix ASAP!” The devs either rigged it and don’t want to fix it or they know it’s not rigged and doesn’t need fixing. Either way, it’s not getting changed, so what’s the point?

Bingo players don’t have the skill to play any other way, and most probably think skill isn’t a factor. Will complaining change the way they play? If you can’t beat someone who has no skill, maybe your time would be better spent putting your own house in order.

The endless avalanche of complaints isn’t irritating, it’s just pointless in most cases. It can never and will never make any meaningful changes occur, yet it goes on and on and on. “Tedious” is the right word.



  1. too long, slow, or dull; tiresome or monotonous.

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Yay, I’m winning!

So what if I’m a lot like Sisyphus, doomed to forever push a rock uphill, just to watch it roll back down?

I happen to like the Rolling Stones. and don’t think posting in that thread once every 2 weeks is excessive, and I do it for the best reason of all…

It amuses me!


I posted -woops, wrong thread

I search the Forums for your posts, SPG. :slight_smile: You are always witty and always enlighten me, whatever the topic.


quality not quantity

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I find complainers in general irritating, I understand sharing your thoughts or woes, But then it’s time to let it go and move on. To repeat the same complaints over & over is either you don’t know how to run your own life, by letting things go that you can’t control, or, You need sympathy from others to get reformation and self worth. Sharing is fine & good, it let’s you unburden yourself, beating a dead horse for not taking you to you next stop is saying " I need someone else to agree with me, and support me, because I am unable to find my own self worth without them."
It’s nice if someone holds your hand, but do you need someone to hold your hand?

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only when I cross the street lol

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There are generally two types of Poker players. Those that view Poker as a game of chance/luck, and those that view it as a game of skill/strategy. The former will always complain about their bad luck and will tend to see every bad beat as someone/something else’s fault, including cheating. They typically view life itself as an ongoing run of luck and will complain about practically everything that doesn’t go “their way.” The latter of the two will view the bad beats as a fault in their strategy and will work/study to improve upon it. They usually tend to see their entire life as a game of strategy and are usually working to improve “the hand odds and the pot odds.”
Now with that being said, let’s all remember that online Poker has had a checkered past and several sites have been caught cheating. This has left an indelible mark on many people’s minds about how “fair” any other online site can and will be. There may always be a nagging feeling in the back of many a person’s mind as to whether or not a site really is “RNG.” In the long run I guess it boils down to a type of faith as to whether or not you can trust the site/company to really be true RNG. If your faith is weak then go find another game. If your faith is strong, then play on!


Personally, I know the site is not rigged because I have 100 + million chips


I knew somebody was getting all the good cards, just couldn’t figure out who! :rofl:


I loose more and more as each day goes by. But I blame myself.
thank Goodness for the daily chips or i’d be long gone


i just like to irritate ! i’ll try not to do so much around you i respect good players and i give alot of attaboys

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Sites a river winning joke, but the price is right…


The second one i guess, nothing more annoying than someone who always gets F’ing two aces EVERY ROUND

The concept of playing the timer is annoying. I understand slowing down near the end of a tournament is a way to stall and possibly cash, but when there are 60, 70 or 80+ players remaining, it seems pointless and irritating…and weak.