Who are the toughest players you've faced?

You hear a lot about all the terrible players on Replay, and to be sure the unskilled outnumber the skilled—as is the case everywhere :slight_smile:

But there are also quite a few ringers on the site, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Who are some of the strongest/toughest opponents you have faced, either in ring games or tournaments? I’ll start by naming 3 in each category.


@vulgarman - great all-around understanding of the game. plays strong ranges but also mixes it up and shows up with the nuts in spots you would never expect. fearless! not afraid to call down without the nuts.

@MansoorH - more balanced than he seems, despite seemingly betting 100% of the time lol. hyper aggressive, but knows when to get out. the toughest heads-up Hold 'Em opponent I have faced.

@MissAces - one of those crafty, slippery players who MOSTLY plays in a reasonable manner, but then sometimes goes bet-bet-bet with some random backdoor draw and gets there to crack your big pocket pair or flopped set. Just when you think you have her figured out, she crushes your dreams.


@AlmostLive - solid ranges preflop according to position/stack depth. Very canny postflop - understands which boards are more bluff heavy or value heavy, when top pair is the virtual nuts and when it’s highly vulnerable. Has one of the most well-protected checking ranges out there, a key aspect of tournament play that many (myself included) don’t manage well enough.

@TheSilent1 - probably the all-around strongest MTT player IMHO. Stingy when calling, aggressive when leading, and capable of both relatively GTO and highly exploitative play. Often seems to either get knocked out or have a huge stack—exactly the way you’re meant to play MTTs.

@TMauga - perhaps not the most “technically perfect” player but has great instincts and ALWAYS goes for it. A terror to play against in tournaments because one way or the other, you’re going to have to put your stack at risk to get through TM!

OK, those are just a few of many for me… who ya got?

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In past marathons, Goatsoup was the toughest player.

In the WILDHORSES LEAGUE, snowman and Dreamer2023 are the toughest players.

In the 100K No Further MTT, Gambler7777 IMO is the toughest player (Omaha Hi Lo)


I’ve played snowman - good callout. Tricky player!

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baby, you forgot about me :kissing_heart:

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somehow the guy with half his bankroll on the table doesn’t strike fear in my heart, sorry =-P

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I have to agree with @Excaliburns goatsoup was the toughest player I ever played against on replay. Before all the private leagues I am either running or in now, I competed in the monthly and yearly MTT Omaha Hi/Lo games, Gambler7777 as well as @fill119 and @loserbk are probably the best I faced in that category. there are others but we can’t list them all!
The Holdem MTTs I have to give some credit to @AA–Suited and the @TheSilent1 if I am lucky enough to beat either one, and that has only happened a couple times, I do a little dance of joy.
I do that same dance when I beat the @_snowman . at any table, and let’s just be clear, my shoes are not worn out.
Some guy named @Excaliburns won 5 games in one quarter my Nordic Warriors league and that is no easy task, Joe also has a very impressive high level tournament resume.
There is also this goofy guy Luke goes by youngpooroo or something like that, showing some very impressive skills, leading some charts by an impressive margin!


Silent1 is a menace! AA is also p good but his attitude… that’s another matter entirely :wink:

I’ve seen a little of @_snowman but so far I’ve been shown bottom of range. I gotta get more reps and find out what all the fuss is about!

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I should like to add that not a day or two after posting this, I met TMauga headsup for a 1M tourney title for the first time. He beat me like a redheaded child of step.

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All of my friends are very dangerous

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Kid Poker-Many years ago:)


@Sue13 is the toughest for me. I play against her is so many leagues and I never can knock her out it seems. Happy Mothers Day Sue :slight_smile:


Awwww, thank you so much Andy. There are several I could list here. You are right there with them. Just glad you are on one of my teams. Always have fun friend♥


@Younguru have a peek at this hand 1135057253 is this the guy you were talking about?
And then this happened

yep that’s the TMauga experience! count yourself lucky to have emerged unscathed lol

Its Goatsoup! Sad he as left! To smart for me!

Always was a Hard one to beat.