Whine, Cheese, and River-Ratz

I prolly should be more active on the forum so please excuse if any topic is rehashed here. I hope this might be a fresh perspective or @least a funny read for most players. I just scrolled thru the topics and a few seem to be re-occuring themes and I’d like to put my 2cents worth in.

1st off, I would like to say I have found replaypoker to be the best browser based, free 2 play, non-cash poker site I have run across…

In poker just as in life, you can’t please everyone all the time. No Rule is perfect. Poker is a game of skill sprinkled in with pure luck. The only way to get better is to adapt to any and all situations, make better decisions, and learn from mistakes.

2nd of all… the staff has to constantly determine many variables for a great site. Whats best for 75% of the playerbase still hurts 25% and visa-versa… Sure the staff could run a MTT every minute so that all combinations of types/conditions are there… but then will you ask a limit be put on number of tourns 1 person can be in @ any 1 given time ?

In my limited years, I have found that for “most” problems… there is no 1 “perfect solution”. After much “debate and diliberation” usually a “almost perfect solution” can be found but it will NEVER please all the players all the time. I can also say that in most cases there are simple solutions that can go along way to solving the overall problem with easy implementation issues.