Which Type Of Player Are You? Competitive Player VS Relaxing Player

What type of poker player are you? Are you a competitive player who’s main goal is to try to win every hand / tournament you play in or are you a more relaxed player who just wants to play a few hands in a ring game or play a quick SnG or MTT after a long day and hang out with friends?

I think I’m a bit type of both players. Most recently I’ve been more of a relaxed player that just likes to play some poker, get in a few hands and hang out with friends. This is because I’ve been busy outside of Replay these last few months but I’m hoping to start playing more MTT’s and play more competitive soon.

Which type of player are you? Competitive player or a relaxing player?


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Both. I consider myself to be a competitive player while relaxing with a refreshment chatting with everyone at the table while playing and taking in some chips for an all round nice atmosphere :+1:t2:


Relaxing ofc

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I guess I am competitive as I definitely get a kick out of winning tournaments and accumulating a large bankroll, and because getting really absorbed in a tournament provides a certain amount of adrenaline and passes the time. I never watch TV at all, so there is that too.

Also, although I have no aspirations to be a poker pro, I do have a kind of fantasy of someday getting back into playing live tournaments or online tournaments for real money, and regard playing on RP as a way of honing my skills.

Who wants to know, anyway?

I’m competitive, but also relaxed about it. I don’t see the point of playing a game you don’t intend to win.

I don’t cut my friends any slack and don’t want them to cut me any. “Soft Play” is a form of collusion, and is against the site’s terms of use. I agreed to follow the site’s rules, they agreed to provide the platform. One should honor their agreements. (Unless they are from the UK, in which case they should honour them)

Do I get bent out of shape if I don’t win? No, I do not. Replay’s games feature fake chips and real people. One should keep things in perspective.


Well said my friend :+1:t2:

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I’m mostly competitive, but I don’t always come to the table with that mind set, and certainly enjoy chatting at the table also.


I am a competitive player, but that does not mean I can not have fun, I like to chat and make friends, but I also want to improve my game and eventually become the best player on this site(sometimes far-reaching goals are good for motivation).

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