Which tournament and/or ring game do you enjoy playing the most, and why....?

Personally I am a great fan of Captain Kidd as I enjoy omaha hi/low, though I mostly lose a load of chips there! My favourite tournament is Be Punished because I am a glutton for punishment! I find getting to the final table there very difficult, but have a great feeling of satisfaction when I manage it and the players there are always so respectful.


There are a few tournaments I really enjoy playing in.

I enjoy playing in the Sensational Blinds tournaments. I like having the 50k starting chip stack and you have a good chance of building a deep chip stack. Plus it’s fun , competitive play.

I also enjoy playing the Bankroll Builder Revit rebuy tournaments. I play them whenever I have the time.

The Bust the Staff tournaments are awesome. Always a huge field and it’s a fun tournament to play in and you have a good chance of winning chips.



I love the Bankroll Builders on the even numbered hours of the day. I sometimes like to play the re-buy, but those are pretty hairy and I have to be in the correct frame of mind to jump into the morass! I enjoy seeing familiar names in the Facebook Freeroll. I always love Bust the Staff. And for ring games, my favorites are the four-person tables, primarily Bedrock. For Sit-n-Go, any low buy-in will do. Favorites are nine-person tables. All fun!

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I enjoy the tournaments, ring games and sngs that I win…the ones I lose, not so much…

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I prefer tournaments to ring games. I rarely play ring games, and when I do, it’s usually hi/lo (Captain Kidd and above).
In tournaments, I play Royal, Omaha and hi/lo (Hold’em tourneys not so much). I used to prefer Royal, but now I prefer and play more Omaha and hi/lo, and I play less Royal.
Confession: out of all Hold’em tourneys, I like the buy and rebuy bankroll builders the most. They’re my guilty pleasure. I feel it’s the only tourney where I can do something that I normally hate in other tourneys, which is bingo during the rebuy period :joy:


What Maya said!


My favorite was the monthly Championship Tournament. First I liked that you had to earn your way into it by winning a ticket and then compete against some extremely good poker players. I miss it.


I like Bankrol Builder tourney’s (no rebuys) because they don’t take too long to play. When I don’t have much time I play at the ring tables. These are Holdem games, I used to play a lot of Omaha Hi/Lo and want to pick up playing it again. :spades::hearts::clubs::diamonds:

I enjoy SIT_IN-GO the most. I like the hard head on poker. You learn to read and defend, betting strategy, chip management, and play good poker.

I generally just play tournaments. I seem to do the best a 9 person hold-en. The one game I have a hard time with is high Omaha and have yet to figure out what is a good starting hand. Hands I think are good are not or win for a different reason than I thought. It seems like bingo with the river deciding the winner.

Putting in a vote for Hamburg Special, a low-stakes (2/4) NLHE ring game. During the evening, Pacific Time, it’s chatty and friendly with experienced and newbie players rubbing shoulders. Plenty of opportunity to learn NLHE. It’s in the sweet spot of being too low stakes for super-aggressive and ultra-low-ranked players, the right kind of stakes for people finding their feet in the game, and not too low stakes for experienced players who know good poker and just want to chill.

There are bingo players who breeze through, but emphasis on breeze. Otherwise, it’s all good.

Anyway, just a suggestion! :slight_smile: