Which Poker Fruit Are You?

Who said that tests have to be either about advanced poker skills, or about one’s favorite fruit? Here’s one for you that combines both, brought to you by @miri123 and @Maya The Poker Fruit Personality Test. It’s fun and easy to take. Try it out and let us know which fruit you turned out to be in poker. Answer these 10 simple questions, add your points, and share your results with everyone for fun :slightly_smiling_face:

1- You’re going to meet a friend for coffee, how do you dress:

A- I put on my best clothes. I always dress to impress.
B- I just go as I am. Never give it any thought.
C-I wear something casual. It’s just coffee with a friend.
D- I don’t have any friends.

2- At a poker table, you’re mostly known for:

A- Tight play. I always try to keep my chips and fold as much as possible.
B- Bluffing. I always try to get away with it.
C- Bingo. I never mind going all in or calling with nothing.
D- Just the right amount of betting, calling, raising or folding. Rarely bluff.

3- Your best friend is upset and he/she comes to you for comfort.

A- You rub their shoulders, gives them a nice soothing massage.
B- You’re a great listener, you let them talk and cry and you just listen.
C- You give advice and try to be the wise one
D- You make jokes and try to make them laugh and forget about it.

4- In a relationship, you believe that

A- Balance is important. you should give as much as you receive.
B- You always give more than you receive.
C- You’re selfish and care little about the other person.
D- Relationships never work for you anyway

5- Your favorite type of food is:

A- Gourmet cuisine. Only the best food.
B- Exotic. Anything foreign and new is exciting.
C- Fast food and snacks.
D- You don’t care about food. Whatever is available. Food is food.

6- A good snack while you play poker online would be:

A- Pop corn
B- Spaghetti Carbonara
C- Gin Tonic
D- You prefer to starve

7- You favorite genre:

A- Comedy
B- Drama
C- Fantasy
D- Horror

8- When playing a poker tourney, at the break, you:

A- Go to the bathroom
B- Chat to other players waiting for the break to finish
C- Go for a smoke
D- Browse the internet

9- Your favorite season

A- Summer
B- Spring
C- Autumn
D- Winter

10- In what environment do you feel more at ease?

A- At an elegant restaurant surrounded by “beautiful” people
B- Outdoors.
C- In a smokey, dirty, smelly pub.
D- In your cozy little room.

To get the results:
A= 1 point, B = 2 points, C = 3 points, D = 4 points. Add them up and find out below which poker fruit you are:


10 to 14 points: you’re an apple. You’re very tempting but it’s a sin to call your bets.
15 to 19 points: you’re a watermelon. You bluff a lot: you appear green and hard on the outside, but on the inside you’re red, soft and watery.
20 to 24 points: you’re a banana. the monkeys love you and the donkeys hate you.
25 to 29 points: you’re a grape. raisin runs in your family.
30 to 34: you’re an orange. always trying not to get squeezed by everyone.
35 to 40: you’re a coconut. very hard to beat, but once cracked the taste of victory is so sweet.


I confess that I’m not qualified enough to take the very cool quizzes that have cropped up about poker strategy, but I can’t resist a poker fruit question. :wink:

According to the results, I’m a little bananas! :crazy_face: :banana:

Thanks for the fun – this was very cute!


I turned out to be an orange :tangerine: for some reason :joy:

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I am a watermelon! Not the most elegant of fruits, but so tasty! :slight_smile:

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23 points which also makes me a banana! :banana::banana::banana::banana:


Watermelon for sure! :slight_smile:




Ba-NAN-a, ba-nan-a, ba-nana is good enough for me!


I’m a Guava

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Just barely a banana, slick on one side, yellow on the other. :wink:


25 points, so apparently im a grape. not sure what it proves but it’s certainly funny :grin:


25 points -> grape. Best available fruit for me, but is it a good sign for my poker???


Jeez I’m a water melon, I don’t even eat water melon let alone become one lol :watermelon::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


whoeverit the grape. That’s perfect cos I have been known to imbibe the fermented juice of many grapes while playing.


Why am I the only orange so far? lol
I wanted to be a watermelon to be honest :roll_eyes:


I’m a banana which might explain why an orangutan reached thru the bars at a zoo when I was young and pulled my hair so hard my head almost hit the bars. :speak_no_evil:



I got 27 points so I’m a grape. Step on me and I will give you a little wine :stuck_out_tongue:


Grape? Me?! Grapefruit at most.


I don’t mind being a tango’d orange if you want to be a squidgy watermelon Maya lol :watermelon: