Where is the rest of my chips goin

where does the rest of my chips go that i buy in for the tournaments and it starts u with 2,500 out of your buy in of 5,000 when you 0 out of the game it just say game over…how do u rebut

You cant rebuy on tournament.

For your initial buy in like 5000 chips, this completely go for the prize pool.

For the tournament play, this case , all player got 2500 " points " to play the entire tournament.

When you lost thet, you out for good.

This is for make the play faster. all tour got 1000 or 2500 “points” to play with. Just think about it , some tour got buy in 125000 chips, this would take forever to play.

So Marcipan is correct. The buy-in amount in play chips is entirely separate from the tournament chips. The winners of the tournament share in the prize pool based on the buy-ins. The tournament chips are merely an amount that everyone starts with, depending on the amount, it can mean the tournament lasts longer or shorter.