Where is the final placement found for the Halloween Tourney found?

Where is the final placement found for the Halloween Tourney found?

The final placement of the players on the Halloween satellite leaderboard you find on the page “Promotions”


Also read Paul’s comment in the previous topic.


Greetings Happiness.

Thank You, Happiness and Paul. It was a very good tournament and anyone that placed should be congratulated as it was very very tough competition. I have played in big cash games and this was equal to the test. Although the tournament was successful there are some issues IMHO that should be address. When you play poker at this level concentration is paramount to your success, the fact that the server(s) could not handle the volume of players is disheartening. You begin to over think the game and that is not good. I might suggest reducing the number of tickets in the satellites to a more manageable number and possibly adding wildcard slots to fill out tables to even numbers. Thanks for all your efforts to make it a very enjoyable experience.


I totally agree the slowness between the hands in large tourneys is very annoying, you lose your concentration. Really hope they can fix that issue soon.

Thanks for the feedback smallmac and I’m glad you enjoyed the tournament!

About the slowdown, we had hoped to have a fix in place before the promotion but it proved trickier than we first thought.

The good news is that we understand the problem and what we need to do to fix it. Hence we hope to have removed the slowdown dramatically, if not completely, by the end of this week. =)