Where is my winnings?

i won over $4000.00 earlier today and $1500.00 just now. how come my total chips don’t reflect my winnings today?

I checked your account, and it looks fine. Probably what’s happened is that you have chips in play, ie a game open. When you leave the table the full amount will show in your bank account, currently you have 6,249

Dude Ive been having similar trouble . I have won two awards worth five fifty and referred three friends whom have begun playing and have not received payment. Now I know that this is not real money my concern is the principle of the matter. I have been considering buying chips but why would i spend my hard earned money at a company that wont make good on there promises.

Hi obscurepath.

You did not won 2 awards, but 3 awards and you got your chips, 50, 500 and 100 chips for your awards.

Jul 25, 2012 12:47 obscurepath award 50 Hands Folded Award - Level 1 Jul 25, 2012 08:16 obscurepath award 500 Hands Won Award - Level 1

Jul 14, 2012 02:48 obscurepath award 100 Stake Award - Level 1

Then about your referred friends. We checked their email, but they have not joined the site yet. As soon as they join the site you get the chips for it.

I hope that everything is oke now. Good luck. Greetings Happiness.

dear happy please check out my complaints also ,would love to have answer and chips for 1 referral my, wife, and chips due from 4 tourneys (1)S&G dukes tour 9/29@6:49 pm central time due 7272 received 0000. (2)no irish luck here $1,200 @10:42pm $5280 (3)one more on 9/29 royal tou rn. for $4515 total owed me $19567.00 PLEASE HELP !!! i’m obsessive compulsive and this makes my condition peak out.

also 18 minutes ago no irish luck here failed to give credit for 6,066 chips aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Hi Johnnygunn.

About the No Irish Luck Here 1200. What happened? I saw you became 5th (hand 55813006), so you played. Also i dont understand what you mean with 6.066 chips. Winner got 5940 chips.

I can not check the Sit & Go tours from last night, they are of the page. But only 2 places are paid out there (not sure, thought 1600 and 3800 chips, tours 6 seats and 1000 buy-in)

Please give some more info about what happened, than i send it to support for you.

Greetings Happiness.