Where did Omaha go?

What happened to Omaha games? Lobby isn’t allowing them in my “filter”.

Is RP no longer offering Omaha?

It changed again, all the way back to normal (normal for my one week of experience here).

Any clue, why the various lobby options were temporarily crossed out? Thx

“Replying” to myself – I now see one NL Omaha game, and Omaha allowed in filter.

But under “Betting Limits”, all options but NL are crossed out. I prefer FL and PL to NL.

Hi @Kebga,

Welcome to the community! If you’re not finding the games you want, usually this means that your lobby settings just need to be changed. We wrote an article about this topic, please check it out:

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At the time I posted, most of my filter options were crossed out. Later, they were back to normal. Thanks!


Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:

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This has been occurring for quite some time now maybe it’s been over a year or two. It’s been mentioned before but nothing has been done to correct this.

I’ve found to reset the game options I had to refresh the page or use the F5 key maybe even twice.

I hope this helps.