Where did i go wrong?


  1. Your limp from UTG gave Mr Monk better odds to call. Had you put in a raise, most likely he would have folded preflop.

  2. Your bet on the flop was very weak, and although you had made a set, this was a dangerous board and your min bet did nothing to discourage a player with top pair and the straight flush draw (both straight and flush draws, in other words) from calling. Admittedly, it would have taken a lot to make him fold that hand.

  3. You shoved on the river knowing (presumably) that you were beaten if your opponent held TT, T9, T8 or T7, and that there was a straight flush out there. However the betting on prior streets suggested that he might well have one of those hands.

When you shoved on the river, opponent was not going to call unless he had a hand that beat you, (since he could beat a pair of 7s or 8s and was not going to fold as he had the nuts. Also he knew you could not have the straight flush that he was drawing to on the flop.


i see what you’re saying. once i saw the turn, tho, i was hoping for him to draw a flush or straight, willing to gamble he wouldn’t hit both at once. the off color 9 made me think that was just what happened. never saw him drawing out with a bigger boat. playing the newbie card on this one, and learning how to count outs.

If there are two cards on the board higher than your pocket pair, there is always the possibility that someone has a higher full house.

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