Where did I go wrong? lol

Hands Id like to discuss to improve play.

This first one isn’t the most exciting hand especially when you see the cards lol
I have J :clubs: 6 :diamonds:

I read pokers 1% and decided to try it out, of course I failed because I was raising too much and J6o is definitely not a hand you want to play. Surprisingly my opponent called 2.7 raise with K6o maybe this was because I was raising too much.

The problems I see:
-Position its a long way to go around the table (I gotta expect to get called by someone)
-My pre-flop bet should have been more (with his stack size it doesn’t cost that much more to call)
-He continuation bets small and I re-raise too large, (theres not enough left in the tank for a river bet), I believe if I raised less (say 600), I would have a smaller turn bet (600), and would have 1,226 for a river bet (I still think its small but I also think it may have gotten a fold by shoving on the turn he still has outs (a small flush draw and a straight draw) and the cash to call.
-I should have folded pre-flop (use better hands and a better position for this 1% stuff).
-In the future use smaller bet sizings that my stack can sustain (because of these large bets when I lose its huge instead of grinding up).

My goal for betting is to have:
Flop: (bluff) 2:1 (value),
Turn: (bluff) 1:1 (value),
River (bluff) 1:2 (value)

but I need to alter this a little because MTT’s have shorter stack sizes.
I also have a problem doing this because the above numbers go out the window and I can’t stick to the ratios.


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Honestly a lot went wrong in the hand.

Raising j6 off here is just bad as you said. Pretty much never raise hands like this.
Dont think to much about ratios when playing, i feel like you thought i had value 3 times on the flop i should bluff now, this doenst work.

If you raise pre, and the flop is AQ10 dont raise the himbet, i would recommend a call bc a K would make a straight. Raising on the flop gets nothing done you have the best no pair hand. I dont think many pairs fold to the flop raise so just call or fold.

If you wanna bet the turn its important to either block value of have a lot of chance to create a good hand. when you likely only have 1 out the king dont bluff. Just bluff here when you have like a flushdraw which will have way more outs.

Btw no need to stick to these ratios try study the game some more and i am sure you will be crushing in no time.

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Thank you!
And I agree, I don’t know what I was thinking :thinking:
I’ll be reverting back to a more solid style of play (believe it or not I’m glad I tried it because I learned and what else can I ask for, hope to see you at the tables :wink:)

it seems you already figured out most of the mistakes, but i shall give some additional advises as well:


true, but i should add to that that you are too short to begin with to either call or raise. some people prefer a push-fold range from 10 BB’s or less and some prefer from 15BB’s or less. i usually stick to 10BB’s or less with push-fold. but with 15 BB’s or less (like u had) i only call or raise with extremely specific situations. but when there is a limper as well, i defenitely add 10-15BB’s to my push-fold range. but besides of all that, J6o isn’t in that range obviously

with the small Cbet you could just call, you may only have a gutshot but it’s enough for such a small bet. as for “raise too large”, when you decide to raise here it shouldn’t be less, it should be a shove. as you said your stack is just too small, and the size of your stack compared to the pot is too small to make a reasonable raise. and making it smaller only works to extract value from monster hands, defenitely not as a bluff, but almost any case and any reason i would have to raise, would be a shove. but obviously this one isn’t even close to good enough to be shoving with.

you can shove more then 1% of your hands here, but indeed J6 is too bad.

partially true, but i think you should look as well to when you are TOO short to raise. as mentioned earlier with 15BB’s i would rarely do anything besides push fold, and below 10BB’s i would almost never. and when your stack is equal or close to the pot size, i would also almost never do anything but shove of fold.
i agree lowering your betsizing as you get shorter is right, but when you get too short i would almost always stick to push-fold.

this sounds kinda right, but of course it stays situation dependant as it’s a very speculative thing, but i guess you figured that one out already.

but all things considered. don’t know if you were tired, tilting or just joking around this tourney, at least you already figured out it was bad play :slight_smile:.

hope this helps, yiazmat.

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your mistake was buying into the tournament imo


@dabbin_on_u Hahaha Post when u have some chips lol

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Another factor is how is your opponent playing. Does this person play every hand and call every pre-flop raise or are they conservative and bluff very little? That is why I keep notes on players. Just because your opponent calls pre-flop on every hand does not mean he/she did not hit the hand. For me after the flop and there was a chance for 2 over pairs on my hand I would not have pushed a raise. I would most likely have folded but since it was a minimum bet and a gut shot straight, I may have called. That said I would have folded pre-flop.

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Never raise pre-flop out of blinds with un connected un suited cards. I would have folded pre-flop. I would lose 20 chips no biggie. Say you did call or raise. Flop had you on a one-ended straight. That’s dangerous. If it were open ended then you could continue. Better odds to hit your hand. At that point just call not raise then see what happens. A better hand to call with pre-flop would be for example… Jc,6c or Ac, 7c … I tend to stick with suited connectors like 8c, 9c or Kc, 9c… this increases your chance of flushes, straights etc. And be cautious of pocket pair as they are not connected and actually decrease a chance to win. You flop a set and your opponent hits a boat then yer screwed. In cases of pocket pairs, your initial raise should be alot bigger like bet the pot and not a double re-raise, but that’s just an opinion.

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