When will i ever learn?

i’m new to holdem, and could use some help looking at this hand.
in hindsight, i’m thinking, shove on the turn, and make him pay for the river. then, i think about all the times i’ve milked thousands, from trying to sell “fishing for a draw” while they’re sitting on a set, or maybe 2 pair.
should i finally learn to go for it when i know i have the top hand so far?
worse thing is, after this hand, it was like jumping out of an airplane, without a parachute. dismal 10th, in a 5 spot payoff.

forgot, i was playing my wife’s character, coreyronelle, in this hand. :slight_smile:

now i’m really looking at the hand, and wondering about my opponent’s strategy. would his move have been to shove, thinking i had missed the board pairing? i think i’m lucky he didn’t.

That’s against the rules of the site. You’re not allowed to share accounts.


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had no idea. deleted her account. answered my own question. i should have shoved on the turn. he should have shoved on the river.

What did you have?

Hi waidus,

Although you should not use your wife’s account, you certainly don’t have to delete her! Providing you don’t both play at the same table you and your wife may still hold separate accounts.

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i hit A high flush on the turn. he hit the boat on the river.

i couldn’t get her interested, so no reason for the account. i was just using up the chips i bought her. sad part was i deleted the 3 15K tickets i had just won from my first tourney win. however, this is a great site, and i want to follow the rules.

Now knowing what you had, I think anyone would agree with that…that said, I can’t tell you how many times it’s happened to me too :wink:

If you had an ace-high flush on the turn, that means you had a suited ace preflop. Particularly if you had ATs+, I would’ve liked to have seen a preflop raise rather than a flat call, which would’ve put more pressure on low pocket pairs out of position, possibly garnering a fold from the small blind, since most flops (though obviously not this one) would miss and bring a slew of overcards. Since both 99 and JJ would also presumably be in your preflop open range UTG, that might also have made @mrman1951 fear a bigger boat.

Once the flop comes, and you see a half-pot donk lead from the small blind, I don’t hate the call, though I could see mixing in a raise with your nut flush draw. Again, you could have a bigger set, particularly if you raised preflop, and if the flush draw doesn’t come in you can barrel as a bluff.

After continued aggression from the small blind on a turn that gives you the nuts, you need to bet bigger than a min-raise. At this point I’m trying to build a pot and get my opponent’s stack in the middle of the table on a blanked river, picking up value from weaker flushes, sets, or two-pair hands, and checking/calling if the board pairs. If you’d raised to 5K instead of 3K, you’d be building a much sweeter pot. Since your opponent does have a set, the board is only going to pair about 23% of the time to give him a full house, so building a bigger pot is a stronger play in the long run.