When tilt meets cold decks and 4 of a kind loses

These sort of runs are simply not reasonable statistically, so here we go, in under an hour and <~100 hands…

It starts after a session of good solid poker play I am a good 250 big blinds up (500k). But I fat finger a 25,000 blocker/bluff as 250,003 into a straight.

I’m steaming and end up shoving what should be a good top pair top kicker into a FH.

Then shove 2 pair and run into a set

Then a set into another set…

And just for fun…After taking a short break, switching tables and calming down a bit… Lets culminate this adventure WITH FOUR OF A KIND OVER FOUR OF A KIND.

Bruh…Obviously I am done.


Wow! Brutal! Been there but that is poker. GL in the future at the tables.

Thanks, I’m pretty much even for the day now after some luck with jacks, which set off 4 hands in a row where someone had/won with jacks… I give you JACKS FOR EVERYONE! (4 hands in a row)


@needahand Sorry bro I’m muted in chat, that was one hell of a cooler. I was already on high alert to be coolered myself when that 9 came out.

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No worries, all is good. I knew the risk was there but folding a FH is extra hard for me I have been on the other side also GL see you at the tables

WOW! These are some great hands! This is pretty nuts to witness!

About a week ago I saw QUADS 4 times and one players won without showing claiming quads too! So 4 or 5 quads playing 2 tables in under 2 hours!

Here is one better regarding the JACKS! JJ QUADS twice in a row by the same player!

Consecutive QUADS JJJJ ;D #967468733 #967469276

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Wow, flopping top FH, barreled into, turn against a higher FH, re-raising them only to get the case jack on the river. Crazy.

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Quads twice tonight and… JACKS strike again! Funny the player calls my raise on BTN w KK and then tries to blame the river. lol

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