When Replay program is not working right

Lately, there have been times when the games freeze, buttons stick, etc. I make sure to have any other programs closed when this happens, usually I log off and then log back in and eventually the problem resolves itself. Is there someone on replay we can contact when this happens? Would there be a simpler fix than what I mentioned. It seems like it is happening very frequently lately when it did not happen any before(when I first came onto the site).

It is usually a connection problem. If backing out and coming back in does not help, notify support.

Pressing the “F5” key will force a page reload, and sometimes fixes the problem.


Thanks!! I will try that, sounds quicker than what I have been doing.


To solve problem click out of home page, only have table and maybe lobby open. Home page your browsing history is being looked at. If you only have pages up that you can not check history then no one else can either. This has been happening for months since they made everyone switch to new program. I posted about this several months ago. It has worked for me and I have told others and it works for them also.

Pick a good browser, clear your cache before the game, close all windows except the table, have fun :+1:t2:

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