When Knowing the Book Pays Off - Big Hand

Very interesting hand here showing how important a great read can be. I’ve studied hands a long time so this one was a little easier for me. The small open tells me right away something like 7-8, possible 8-9 suited. Little teaser bet to see where we are - saw that one once from some top pros! Book would say weak from the re-raise from opponent so that’s where the second read comes in. This is big! Here is where you gotta just draw on experience - so I push in to challenge. Keys are really knowing the book here. That’s your cue. That’s when it pays!

Yeah, that’s some big book, big read poker :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Next …


The book would say that you’re a clown.

I really don’t understand what sort of ego kick you are getting out of these useless topics.

I wonder if a moderator would see things the same way?

My suggestion is, and it seems that @Craig_Anthony would agree, that you need to be muzzled.

The forum is not a place for self-aggrandisement or bragging. It is not a place that you should you use for your ego satisfaction.

If you have something to add to the general wisdom and understanding of the game or if you have a genuine question then I most certainly encourage you to post.

What I have seen is an attempt, mostly successful so far, to cause discord in the forum.

Sorry mate. That sort of carry on is not at all welcome and I strongly suggest that you go somewhere else.



I just can’t anymore. It’s gone from amusing to just plain weird. If delusions of grandeur float your boat Starbuck, well, I sincerely wish you happy sailing.


This total BS … The title is misleading “When Knowing the Book Pays Off - Big Hand” … I am not in any way in favor of censoring anyone … But I am with @Craig_Anthony and @theanalyst01 in asking the moderator to turn off your water … This player is just wasting everyone’s time whom visit the forums for some type of real poker talk and analyst

Thank you for your time and best of luck at the tables … The Goat :goat: :slight_smile:


I think we’re all in agreement here.


Well gentlemen, it appears you would prefer some poker strategy discussions by players with more expertise and experience. Perhaps one of you learned players would care to start such a topic, as Poker related chat is always greatly welcomed.
No pressure, obviously :heart_eyes:


This has nothing to do with “more expertise and experience” this is total BS … watch the hand and waste your time … Enough is enough Period … end off


Fair point and well taken. But that’s not gonna be me. I don’t pretend to be very learned - maybe slightly above average - let’s say “adequate.” Yeah, let’s go with “adequate.” Sounds French if you say it just right, and we all know how fancy French is!

Anyway, for me it’s like I’m at a party, and there’s this guy in the middle of the room that bought a book (a skinny book - with pictures) on physics last week, and he stands in the middle of the room bloviating loudly about Einsteins theories of relativity, black holes, string theory, and he keeps saying “Quarts” when he means “Quarks,” etc. etc.

And I know… I KNOW… I should just leave the room. Everyone should just leave the room.

But what’s that saying about a train wreck? Something about not being able to look away?

“C’est comme un accident de train. Vous ne pouvez pas détourner le regard.” (See!!! French is SO darn fancy!!)


I like to contribute to threads that I know something about. Clicking on a thread from this player is the same all the time, misinformation, egotistical babble or some kind of self gratification. It’s hard not to click on it hoping that it’s something useful. I can’t see it turning around for him in the foreseeable future. It’s really a shame.

This is my own opinion of course but the frequent intelligent posters in this thread seem to be all in agreement.

If I’m wrong , I digress


I am a little puzzled as to why you felt the need to reply to this one. Surely if you felt that way the best response would be to ignore it? When I see anyone trying to initiate a discussion about poker then I feel impelled to give them a chance and to hope they can receive courteous replies.

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This is more about the Misleading Title and other mislead Replay players that will be sucked in and waste their time … Think about this trend that this player is setting for themselves … but what ever I’m out :slight_smile:

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Starfish12, your poker skills (less than 2x 3bet sizing) are just as good as ur trolling skills.

Is there some way that we can ignore him via Replay? If so, I’d be more than happy to do so, and then I don’t have a problem with him pontificating on anything he chooses.

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Probably best to get out some dough and knead it to make bread, it is a great way of reacting if someone annoys you and the end result is very nice!

That’s fine and dandy, but I don’t appreciate getting emails from Replay with his responses.
Note- Message sent explaining how to adjust email settings to refuse email responses.

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As there appears to be no interest in discussing the quoted hand, I am closing this thread. Thank you for your replies.