When In Rome - can't use 5k tickets?

I understand one can’t use tickets for rebuys and the addon, but players can usually use a ticket to buyin. This happened with a promotion before and it was fixed for any tourneys not generated at that point. Anyway, thanks, hope this can be fixed.

It does say on the promotion page that a 5K ticket can be used, so hopefully they will fix that for next week.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We intended to allow tickets for the buyin, but unfortunately, this was not possible in the first week. We have now fixed this so that tickets are accepted going forwards. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused.

We hope you enjoyed the first iteration of When In Rome. There was plenty of fun had and 1,000,000 chips given away via raffles, trivia and challenges.

We have moved the event earlier, so that more players can join in, so help spread the word, so we can make this an even more successful and fun weekly gathering.


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This is the only thread I could find about Alex Rome, so, Is he still running a Sunday game with replay? I went to register and could not find it, (the lobby seems out of order/whack not sure why) So I looked in promotions, and don’t see him listed there either. I understand if he was dropped (not at a majority of his games) but did not see any info regarding his game. Thanks in advance for any info…

Also if you are looking for a replacement, is there someone/somewhere we should send audio or video interviews to? My man does voice overs and know a lot about poker :clown_face:

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