When i open a table or register for a ring

game all i get is a blue screen…what is up with that…

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This is usually cured by refreshing the page county. If the problem persists then clear your cache and cookies and reboot.

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This could also be a flash problem, go to the three little dots in the top right hand corner of your screen, click settings then go to advance and make sure you have: Use adobe flash settings to the on position.

Recently while using Puffin on mobile ( tablet ), after posting or commenting to the forum, after returning to Replay… the tables won’t load for me. Ohh sure the table window loads, but nothing else. ( I get a blank page ). In this case I just close out browser, and re open replay. 99% of the time this solves the problem.

Let me be clear if supports reads this. The new window opens, but I never see the “connecting” or anything else, its a blank page. I see no table or anything, its just blank. Not sure if this corrolates with your “blue screen”, but just refreshing page doesn’t help. I have to close browser and re-open.

I usually associate “blue screen” with the age old… “blue screen of death”, and I’m pretty sure thats NOT what you are describing.