When I click Play Now button nothing is happening

My pop up blocker is off… can’t figure out why I can’t play

Are you finished register from your email?

Are you install adobe flashplayer?

if still not work, let us know.

You mean you click on the green big tab "PLAY NOW: on home page? That wont work. (not yet) You are on home page.

First click on the tab “pokerlobby”. Thats next to the tab “home” Then click on the table name (when you are new teke a table with small blinds) Then click on the box öpen table"and take a free seat.

When you click on pokerlobby, you see there also the tab Multi-Table-Tournaments. When you click on that you can sign in (when you have enough chips) Just click and take a look.

Good luck. See you at table.

I see its working:)…good luck.

When I login, the screen changes and I am logged in,the large lets play now space is there, but when I click on it, nothing happens. In order to olay I have to click Poker Lobby. This is not an inconvenience, but it is different from when I started to play here.


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We’re fixing the button. It should be working shortly. In the meantime click the link to “Poker Lobby” in the top menu bar to choose a table manually.

I’m attempting to log-in but all i get is a loading message and i never get to the log-in page. What’s wrong?

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