When i am retabled it is consistently at a small blind position (about 8 times out of 10) see attachment if i can get it pasted

in this game i was reseated in the small blind position even though an empty seat was available beyond the big blind. this happens far too often:

I had same problem on last spring, played tourney and was rebalancig tables, i was “travel” very often (almost all rebalancies) from table to table and always was on big blind.

“It’s not you, it’s us.” =)

There’s a fair bit of logic behind how tables are switched, and players rebalanced. Obviously the longer you’re in the game, the more likely it’s going to happen to you, so nice work on sticking it out!

Our goal is to keep an even distribution of players across the tables, as fairly as possible. We check for two things whenever a player is eliminated: can we get better balance by removing a table? Can we avoid a difference of 2+ players between tables? Ideally, we’ll never have a situation where one table has 7 players and another has five

First, we try to find the table with the least amount of moves. The idea being to minimize balances. Occasionally, someone will need to be moved from an open table to maintain the distribution of players.

So, who gets picked? It’s based on your seat. Namely, the better your chance to act, the higher priority your seat. Last to act, higher priority. First to act, lower priority. – We want to make sure you get your shot at the hot seat! Which does mean the small blind seat is more likely to get moved and put back in the small blind seat. We are taking a look at it right now to make sure it’s working as intended.

It’s worth noting that it has nothing to do with who you are, your account, your bankroll, or any other details: only based on seating and keeping the tables evenly distributed.

Here’s a quick example, directly from our internal docs:

SCENARIO: In a 9-seat tourney with 26 players, seated: 9,9,8, one player gets eliminated, now seated: 9,9,7. That leaves 25 players, so we can’t remove a table. Instead we must ‘rebalance’ the tables, so that there is only a difference of 1 player (max) between the tables. Hence, a player is moved from a table with 9 players, to a table with 7 players, now seated: 9,8,8.

That said, holy crap, I wish I had your luck. Beat the Staff was brutal yesterday and I couldn’t get away from HULK!

this is still a problem. players are consistently moved from a table as they come into the big blind position thus losing the blind positions from where they came. then they are placed into the big blind position on the new table just after that hand starts missing the position. then they are denied playing the small blind position at the new table. this represents multiple levels of unfairness (or punishment or handicap). if, on the other hand they were moved to either the left of big blind or right of the small blind fewer hands would be missed and the blind positions played as they should be.