When getting your two cents in becomes priceless

Any memorable moment in time sharing a brief opinion or contributing a small thought to a conversation.

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I’m stupid and used to have a big mouth. I don’t have it on video, but…

One time I was standing in court and refused to approach the bench (don’t try this at home).

I told that old buzzard the judge “I cannot step into the Bar because I did not bring my passport.” He cleared the courtroom.

They grabbed me from behind and lifted me off my feet and carried me up to the bench. Handcuffed behind my back by the chief of police and hanging like a meat popsicle, they lifted me up by my arms to the bench against my will, where I learned my biggest lesson ever. Sometimes your two cents just aint worth it. Worse than a baseball coach getting ejected and arguing with the umpire. Coach still got ejected.

Don’t mess with umpires or judges. The police practice things like putting pain into your body in ways you wouldn’t know were possible. :slight_smile: I learned this afterwards, in the back parking lot right before my first “cuff and stuff” experience.

They were kind enough to room and board me for a couple of weeks in maximum security before finally letting me out to apologize to the man in court. They really made an example of me.

I later volunteered at the Sheriff’s Office, teaching classes and doing search and rescue. I even received recognition from the Sheriff who ran the jail. He shook my hand in front of all the professional responders at the emergency operations center after a big meeting for the Cascadia Rising exercise. Even the county executive was there.

So lesson learned. Be respectful. Admit when you’re stupid, and don’t hold grudges. There may still be hope for you, too!

Please share your stories!


I remember one story about not being able to find proof of insurance for the car.

I had a court date to provide proof of insurance.

I remember sitting and waiting my turn to see the judge.

The guy next to me smelled like marijuana.

Anyway, it was my turn and I didn’t say a word.

No two cents!

Just provided proof of insurance to the judge.

He said only one word, “Dismissed”

You have a wonderful writing style and thanks for contributing on here!

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A very short (no pun intended) two cents from Bette Davis starting just past the 8 minute mark.