Whats up with the free rolls

replay wants you to buy chips , but now they want to pay you with tickets !!!
to force you to play in big games that they can control,
to me this is just another way for them to stack the deck in their favor
if this is not true please explain to me why all free rolls are now tickets

The name of the 150k freerolls have been changed to “Mothers Day Freeroll” as part of a promotion. They still start at the same time but are a different colour. Well, That’s what the rest of the world sees but it may be different for you. Maybe they are out to get you…:grinning::grinning::grinning:

Mother’s Day Freeroll NL Royal in 41 mins Registering 23 Freeroll 150K.
They are there…

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The freerolls don’t all pay off in tickets. Usually only a couple a day of the basic 6 a day free rolls pay off in tickets. They give you chips for showing up; they give you free rolls to win chips or entries into other tournaments; and you complain? LOL The tickets to other tournaments are to tournaments with fewer entries that often pay off big numbers of chips! These tickets are to better tournaments than the freerolls, and often players would not fork out 2.5K, 5K, or 15K to enter them, but will get a great opportunity with the ticket. My single largest win in any tournament came from winning a 15K ticket entry event. I doubt I would have forked over 15K chips to enter it , but what else could I do with that ticket. Mostly just luck and unusually good cards, but the chips were real.
Also you don’t have to play in the tournaments that offer tickets.