What's up with all the ads?

Ads when you try to get on the site. Pop up that will not let you in and ads on top of the tables that come up before the table.

You got virus probably. Nearly 3 years ago, the owner (Paul) chose not to have any form of ads on site.

Scan your PC with anti virus program Run Malwarebyte monthly (free) (I use ABP adblock as plus, never got any pop up or ads, you going to love this!

If you still got any problem, please take screenshoot of the pop-up and post it here, may the staff can check it out for you.


Marcipan is right, we don’t run any ads on the site. Not a single one. So if you see ads, then most probably your computer has been affected with malware. Try switching to Google Chrome which is less prone to malware than Internet Explorer. But you’ll need to clean the pc, so that means uninstalling applications and removing browser extensions. Use a reputable virus scanner/malware detector, good luck!

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled fix this now, please.. ya got so much advertising, it has made UNABLE to actually play. this is way way WAY to much. seriously guys this has become excruciating. I hope this is fixed soon

I wonder if this virus is the “Ads Not by this Site”

Try https://www.malwarebytes.org the free version its good inaf, work for me every time. ATB

Sorry to hear that but there must bea virus or malware on your pc BubbaGumpIA, and it’s triggering ads when you visit our website. We have zero ads on RP you see, so there’s nothing wrong with the site. Good luck with getting your pc cleaned, it can be a tough job!

Thanks guys, that seemed to clear up the problem. Thanks

Glad is sorted, thank you comming back and confirmation!

RP should put it up somwhere is ads free site, its a rare thing these days! Good luck at the tables!