Whats this?

Whats this app do?

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Just a guess–maybe for phone?

I noticed it yesterday for the first time. Just a + sign until you hover over it with your mouse. Wondering what it downloads to my computer??? I won’t touch it yet…

Bigger screen shot ! If anyone tries it please post it here what kind of Replay app it is.

Thank you

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Our tech team has been doing some work on a way for Chrome to treat our client similar to a typical mobile app on Android devices.

UPDATE: As Remy has clarified below, you can also use this to save a quick link on your desktop to access Replay more easily.


Thanks. Will there be a way to delete, remove or hide it at some point? I often use magnifier glass icon to resize the table size. This icon looks exactly the same and is in the same spot. Difficult to tell the difference.

This is part of your browser (Chome) and not something that replay poker control. I do agree that it looks visible similar to the magnifying glass in chrome and that’s useful feedback for the browser vendor.

For others curious - the install will let you run the Replay Table as a stand alone app on your device, though in reality it’s no more than another browser visiting that URL. It doesn’t actually install anything into your computer besides saving a link to the web site (which appears as a shortcut in your programs).

To delete the app shortcut, you can delete it from Explorer (as you would normally delete a file) and it’s all gone (i.e. nothing more is added to your computer). Equally, running the “installed app” has no more permissions that the browser - that’s to say, the app can’t access your hard drive, camera or anything else.


Thank you :+1:t2:

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Thanks for clarification. I figured it almost certainly would not be sinister obviously, but software and an interface etc at least. As you say, if that’s not the case its probably pointless to DL and install the app in the hopes the table runs better, smother etc.

Yeah its a bit ridiculous they made it visually similar.