Whats the point of folding hand after hand

When you play poker. You want to win. When fold hand after hand. What’s the point of playing

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Gotta play for the cut first (tourney play)… whatever it takes. Sometimes that’s tight play, especially early on, against small stacks or loose aggressive players. Unless you have a premium hand that is…

It annoying when i play MTT and have no hands to play with, need wait 1 hour to get a hand and win, its relly difficult to get a cash position this way.

Bluff once in a while….

I do when i can :slight_smile:

my fold button is broke (sarcasm) from hitting it so many times

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I will quote you here: “You want to win”. That’s the answer to your question. If you want to win at poker, you have to fold almost every hand (80-85%) at full ring. If you want to lose, go ahead and play every hand.

Three time WSOP Main Event champion Stu Ungar: “Fold and live to fold again.” Best poker advice and quote IMO.

At a 9 seat table, you will have the best hand, on average, 1 time out of 9. Some of the hands that would be the best hand at showdown are unplayable preflop, such as 82 offsuit when the board will come xx8 8 2 (or whatever). It doesn’t happen often enough to make playing random hands profitable.

To survive (much less be in a position to win) you have to play cards that are better than the rest of the people in the hand. This means you fold a lot waiting for a strong hand in early positions or semi-strong hand in late position.

There is NO DIFFERENCE between winning a bet and saving a bet by folding. Winning $1,000 puts you $1,000 ahead, but not losing $1,000 also puts you $1,000 ahead (of where you would be if you called and lost it)

When I played the WSOP Main Event in '06, I was forced to fold every single hand for the 1st 2 hours. Boring as hell, yes, but it kept me alive. Folding is just part of the game.

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Old thread I know, but how’d you finish?